Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Clinton Compares Putin to Hitler

It seems the Sea Hag (aka Hillary Clinton) has compared Putin to Hitler. Thankfully, we have a weak President that just wants to golf. Weak presidents save American lives. Once The Sea Hag is elected President, all of the testosterone running through her blood might get the USA in a war.

The good news is that that the USA military considers buggery now to be out most cherished value. Duty, Honor and Buggery. The new motto. This should help to weaken an otherwise dangerous army.


  1. Hello Ramz I meant to comment on the previous video, but I'll do it here:

    1. You get a "+" for correctly pronouncing "Putin".
    2. Is this a kind of very subtle trolling or you really don't know much what you were talking about (Dugin/Putin)?
    3. Since when does Ramz let girls to do the thinking for him? ; )

    In the same video you state that not everything is about the joos (it is not) but then a few moments later you yourself bring up the neo-cons. Neo-Cons, really RamZ? Jewish Trotskyites neo-cons that took the worst from both ends of the specter = fiscally liberal, socially conservative, warmongers.

    Get your "conservatives" straight, RamZ: Buchanan makes more sense than your Hungarian girlfriend.

    If Putin is an imperialist, then what are some examples of that? Abkhazia and North Ossetia are independent. Ukraine is not being forced in either. Who else did "warmonger" Putin "conquer"?

    I disagree with you on Dugin interpretation. If anything his eurasism is anti-globalistic, opposite to neo-lib/con imperialism.

    As for your pick of the "Russian Nationalist Of The Week", well, interesting choice. While not being of the Tribe himself (like many of the so-called "Russian nationalists" (funny!)) he certainly thinks that Israel is the next best thing since sliced bread: and He fully advocates the complete expulsion of the Palestinians from Palestine!

    While I'm aware of your claim of being a "Zionist" yourself (troll?) and you are for people's self-determination, please answer, do Palestinians deserve self-determination? Why do the jews deserve to have their own state at Palestinians' expense? There are even no archeological support for jews' claim on the land of Palestine, the only one proof, the "Pomegranate tablet" was exposed as a fake. Temple wall = remains of the Roman barracks. Plus I'm sure you are aware of the origin of the Askenazi/Khazars.

    So, wherever it matters - it's almost always about "THEM".

    Have you seen these documentaries:

    Have you read the books by Michael Collins Piper?

    1. I'm sure you would love it if the 'Khazars' were given back their state in South Russia, to have their self determination there.

  2. So, you oppose US warmongering, but support Russian warmongering ?
    You said in your last video that Russia is a multicultural empire, which is true, so how can ethnicity justify invading another nation ? And there's no evidence that "ethnic Russians" (whatever that may mean) were being attacked in Crimea prior to Putin's invasion.
    It would the same as the US invading Mexico or Canada to protect their military bases there

  3. "Duty, Honor and Buggery." Because Rum, Sodomy and the Lash are so passé.

  4. I never thought I would hear a clearly stated and logical argument for a weaker us military that I couldn't disagree with. We live in interesting times.