Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feminist Forks GitHub

Yet another feminist (Julie Ann Horvath) made the news concerning her sexual mistreatment at a high tech company. It seems that this mistreatment included a doormat that included the hateful word "meritocracy" and something about men looking at girls using a Hula Hoop.

Julie Ann Horvath primary mission seemed to be generating PowerPoint slides and encouraging women to get into high tech. The story below details the soap opera of conflict with the wife of the boss, a sexual relationship with a co-worker, an offensive doormat and men gawking a hula hoop dancers at a company party. It is a rather sordid and confusing tale.

I am not sure why this made the news. But I guess it represents how the patriarchy keeps good women down. Or some such thing.

Story of the hate doormat:

This is pretty much rape


  1. Something I have yet to figure out is why some women always try to blame their problems on men. I do know it is something that very young children do.

  2. We may not know the full story between Julie and Github, but I think the public shaming is out of line. It is irresponsible and does nothing to help the idea that woman are equal and/or belong in a male dominated industry. Attempting to destroy someones life over a dongle joke, or a company over a fucking rug describing that company's motto is ridiculous. What Julie may not have realized is this behavior could make it a lot harder to find a new job. The good news is she can start her own company and develop her own products on her own merit.

  3. Hey Ramzpaul !!! I was mortified when I clicked on the clip with MS HORVATH yammering on about some damn thing or another and saw her tits sticking out a mile or two. You could have Photoshoped this clip and blanked out that misogynist focus on that part of the female anatomy. If I had the misfortune to have been a member of her audience I would complain about how degrading her appearance was. She could have gotten a sports bra and smushed those puppies down and or wore a buttoned up coat. I thought I was going to be sick looking at this clip. I would have walked up and slapped her face !

  4. "The good news is she can start her own company and develop her own products on her own merit."

    --- or lack of products on her lack of merit. It seems that the entire time she was at Github, her primary focus was "being a busybody," not being a coder.