Saturday, March 8, 2014

Malaysian Airline Vanishes - A Terrorist Act?

Strange story of how a Malaysian Airline just disappeared in flight. Whatever happened must have been catastrophic and sudden for no distress call to be made. Terrorism is a possibility.

Malaysia is a multicultural country made up of Malays and Chinese. As with any "diverse" country, ethnic tensions are always under the surface.

Most of the Muslims in Malaysia are fairly moderate. But there is a radical Islamic element in Malaysia that is in opposition to the government and opposes the ethnic Chinese.

Just last week Islamic separatists attack a Chinese train station killing 29 people.


  1. Freaken Joo Tube suspended my channel for 2 weeks.... The only way I can get my fix of ramZpaul is by coming here.... Thank God for that!

  2. Another fine vid, Ramz.
    I thought for one dreadful split-second you were going into the "My thoughts and prayers.. with the family..loved ones etc" routine. Glad I am not alone in wanting to throw-up whenever I hear some drone come out with that totally insincere and meaningless regulation phrase.
    I have also found Malaysian and Singaporean airlines amongst the best - and your thoughts on the aircraft downing is a plausible angle I've not yet seen in the MSM.

  3. I foresee some hard times for Muslims in China in the very near future. Good.