Monday, March 3, 2014

Vladimir Putin - The Russian Neo-Con

I have noticed that many American nations tend to see Putin as some great White Hope that is resisting the USA/Europe to preserve the White race. I think such a notion is silly. Putin is more of a Russian imperialist who is an advocate of multiculturalism as long as it benefits Russia. Real nationalists tend to end up in jail in Putin's Russia.

Putin is greatly influenced by Alexander Dugin. Dugin is an advocate of an Asia and Russian alliance. Dugin rejects Europe and Western Civilization. To understand the mind of Putin, it is necessary to read Dugin.

A true Russian nationalist is a man such as Alexey Shiropaev:


  1. I don't understand the philosophy of imperialism or anything that puts the good of some artificial construct like "America" or "Russia" above the good of the organic nation and the people who comprise it. If you replace Russians with Asians or Americans with Mexicans the economy or power of those countries might improve but it doesn't matter because it's not fully your country anymore.

    It's like replacing your son with an Asian kid because you want your son's math marks to improve. Yeah your "son" might get better math marks after you do that but you've defeated the whole purpose because it's not actually your son anymore.

    Sometimes I feel like the world is full of insane people because I actually have to explain this to people. It seems so logical and obvious to me that I am honestly really bewildered why people don't seem to understand this intuitively.

  2. Ramz, the big story unfolding isn't Putin's philosophy of government. It's about the unfolding and disintegration of the American Empire. All of the high five cred being thrown at Putin is purely a thankfulness at seeing the beast beginning to immolate. It's like Dorothy dousing the wicked witch.

    Keep up the great work though.

  3. Well, I think that a lot of people are rallying behind Putin because he does seem to be combating cultural Marxism. What with the Olympic gay stuff, and flogging Pussy Riot.

    The big problem is that people are seeing what they want to see, and I think in that regard the girl you spoke to was correct. Nationalist types see Putin as this great savior, while completely disregarding all of the nasty stuff he's done.


    The folks at Nationalist Alternative, an Australian nationalist organisation, seem to have the same conclusion. Australia had a 'patriotic' Prime Minister called John Howard. Howard convinced conservatives that he was all for protecting and controlling borders (he was tough on refugees) and the left thought he was xenophobic and insular, wanting a 'white Australia'. But this was all a ruse. People thought he would control the influx of people, but he brought immigration UP to unprecedented levels, mostly from India and China.

    Putin seems somewhat similar.

    Excerpt below...

    [i]As for the racialism – Putin has overseen an unprecedented wave of Asian and Muslim immigration into Moscow (immigrants who are exploited as cheap labour by Russian capitalists), and in that regard he is like Tony Blair, George W. Bush or John Howard, that is, a leader who brought about long-term, perhaps permanent, demographic changes to their respective countries. (Putin’s patriotism is only skin-deep. George W. Bush became an American patriot and nationalist after 911 – remember how American greeted him with patriotic chants of ‘USA, USA’ when he visited them in the rubble of the Twin Towers?). The other thing to remember is that Putin wishes to recreate, like Stalin, the old Czarist Russian empire – an empire which was multi-culti and full of Muslims, Mongols, Asians and goodness-knows-whats (are the Georgians, Armenians, Yazidis, Abkhazians, South Ossetians, et al., white?). Russia has never been completely ethnically homogenous and white as, say, Australia, Britain or even the US. And yet, the “white nationalists” in America keep on remonstrating with the Ukrainians who toppled Yanukovich, on the grounds that if Ukraine joins the EU, it will be filled up (like Greece, Holland, Italy, Spain, France and the UK) with non-whites! Absorption of parts of the Ukraine into the “white nationalist” Putin’s Russia would be good for them.[/i]

  5. I think you are wrong about Putin.

    While he may indeed share the trait with the neo-cons of essentially being a civic nationalist, this means very different things in the West.

    In the West we import millions of cheap labour and say dumb shit like 'nation of immigrants' and literally remake our society to cater for them.

    Russia will always be a multicultural place, there are so many different historic and ethnic fault lines. This is a fact of life that Putin has to deal with.

    Also you have to remember that Putin's rule has been coupled by a resurgence of the Orthodox Church. This is a very positivve development, because Orthodox Christians are well aware of the Finns and their iniquities.

    All I am saying, is give Putin a chance.

    1. I do admit that Putin, despite is faults is far better than Obama, or Howard, or our current PM, Abbott.

      Putin has expressed concerns about the dying off of the Russian people and of Europe. We'll see what he does. But we can't overlook that he's been hard on Nationalists in Russia.

    2. Good points Mr Kennedy, and greetings from a fellow Australian.

      "Putin has expressed concerns about the dying off of the Russian people and of Europe"

      This is very important IMO.