Saturday, April 19, 2014

CEDA Debate 2013 Review

In a debate reason, intelligence and logic are the tools of White Oppression. Modern collegiate debates involve obscenities, threats, ignoring the topic and screeching. In the future it will probably involve throwing feces and cannibalism.

It used to be that if you went to a college-level debate tournament, the students you’d see would be bookish future lawyers from elite universities, most of them white. In matching navy blazers, they’d recite academic arguments for and against various government policies. It was tame, predictable, and, frankly, boring.

No more.

These days, an increasingly diverse group of participants has transformed debate competitions, mounting challenges to traditional form and content by incorporating personal experience, performance, and radical politics. These “alternative-style” debaters have achieved success, too, taking top honors at national collegiate tournaments over the past few years


  1. I watched about 10 minutes of the video. All I could think was is this an out-take from the movie Idiocracy?
    "I luv debate. know what i'm sayin. uhu hu".

    1. Think I'll watch that movie again as preparation for the future. "You want us to pour water on the crops like from the toilet?" "Brawndos got what plants crave brawndos got electrolytes!"

  2. This isn't debate all it is free style rap about any stupid topic that enters the speakers mind. Other people speaking during his debate, foul language, trying to speak quickly, racism, repetition. Just plain stupid. If my kid got up and did that I'd be embarrassed.

  3. What in the world is he talking about? I literally have no idea what most of those words are. I think he needs to switch to decaf.