Saturday, May 24, 2014

Elliot Rodger - Eurasian killer hunted blonde girls

So this nut named Elliot Roger went on a shooting rampage targeting what he called "blonde sluts". Elliot Rodger was a rich Eurasian (his mother was Chinese) who was unable to get laid. Specifically, he was unable to find a blonde girl who would spread her legs for him. While some White girls will fuck black guys, it is rare to find one that is interested in Asians. This perceived racial injustice sent him on his killing rampage. After all, this is America. All races are entitled to fuck blonde girls!

Of course, I am sure the media will ignore that fact he targeted girls of a specific race to kill. Such is one of the endless joys of our diversity cluster fuck.

He honestly seems somewhat of a fag in this video. Drama queen.


  1. Love the 'constitution' reference, Ramz.

  2. Rodger was short, scrawny and weak, with a weak chin and squinty eyes. Such half-breeds have a hard row to hoe. Getting white girl - not a chance.

  3. Why refer to it as the white "race?" I mean there's a lot of difference between somebody who is Irish, and somebody who is Swedish. A country like India, which actually contains more than one race of people, have some people that are more white, as far as skin color is concerned, than a lot of blondes that I've seen. Maybe those blondes might be tanning more than average.

    But any group of people, given a long enough time span, in a northern climate, will probably grow "whiter" in skin color. You just won't be around long enough to see it happen.

  4. Maybe we should blame his race-mixing father first. The fact is these half-breeds are torn by the fact they are not white and lust after everything white, while hating their own asian part.

    That perfectly explains this dude --his self-hatred - three of his victims were chinese, and his hatred of what he could not get---blonde women.

    Blame the miscegenating father, for bringing him into the world.

    Ramzpaul is a fucking sell-out when it comes to white men with asian women

    Care to explain yourself?

  5. I'd tell him to Amanda Lear...the kid is crazy

  6. So many men would eat little Elliot like a cupcake...he didn't explore all his options....and monette...wonder if he was stalking her as well...