Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elliot Rodger subbed to The Young Turks

Envy. One of the seven deadly sins. Of course, being a good modern boy, Elliot did not believe in sin or God. But not believing in a law does not allow you to escape the consequences. Envy leads to death. In Elliot's case, quite literally.

Despite the feminist propaganda, Elliot did not hate women for being women. Hell, he wanted to be with women. Instead, Elliot was consumed by envy. And his hatred grew out of not having what others had. As such, he not only hated pretty girls, he also hated their boyfriends. His philosophy match the old communist quip, "Neighbor's goat, too, must die". Meaning, if you don't have a goat and your neighbor does, the only fair thing to do is to kill the goat. After all, equality is our highest value. And there is only equality in death. So Elliot internalized this Marxist belief and killed some "goats".

What is interesting is that Elliot was not some "right wing" White Supremacist. Elliot was a mixed raced boy who had leftist beliefs. The only political YouTube channel he subscribed to was the left wing "The Young Turks". (see below).

Is it fair to tie The Young Turks to Elliot? Well, left wing groups are happy to tie me to "Nazis" if some "Nazi" sub (usually a troll) should be found on my channel. If we are going to be consistent, then I think the guilt by association should apply to left wing organizations such as The Young Turks. Way to go Young Turks! Your left wing hate rhetoric might have triggered your sub's killing spree!

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  1. I watch them's entertaining. Doesn't mean they are a window into my mind.....but if it's the only one...just bizarre....they usually mock idiots like him.