Monday, May 5, 2014

# I need Feminist Biology Because...

Yes, we now have "feminist biology". Thank you feminists. You provide me with endless material.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for a particular kind of biologist: a feminist one. The university has set up a fellowship, administered by its women's studies department, for life sciences research. While it may sound strange for a social sciences department to host a biologist, the researchers in charge of the new fellowship are hoping to make it more of a norm.



  1. That photo seems to be of Janet Alder, a neuroscientist/psychiatrist, not Janet Hyde.

    This is Janet Hyde:

  2. What is it with Madison WI? Why is it such a hotbed of batsh*t-feminism? Generally feminism's centers have been the Northeast where feminism was born in this country in places like western MA (e.g. Smith College) and NYC, etc., and of course NorCal, like Berkeley, home of all things radical since the 60s' But what is up with Madison? I understand it's the college city for WI and WI is a pretty red state but Madison is the blue island but why such intense wacko-feminism?
    Is it the Scandinavian heritage? Scandinavians are pretty intensely feminist. And the Godmother of wacko-batshit feminism, Catherine McKinnon is from Minnessotta (even though she has British heritage, MN is a Scandinavian immigrant heartland).