Monday, May 12, 2014

Michael Sam - First Gay NFL Player

The NFL has been engaged in a non stop orgasmic response for the first openly gay player to be drafted. Michael Sam, the first gay man, celebrated the solemn milestone my sticking his tongue down the throat of his White boyfriend.

Yeah, I am thinking of moving.


  1. I was at the gym the other day and when this news item appeared on one of the tv screens I almost spit out my cocktail. It wasn't so long ago that this sort of thing would not have been shown.

    Yes, South America is looking pretty good right now.

  2. I deem it interesting. I had a discussion under your last video on homosexuality and under this video on homosexuality on youtube. I will reproduce both for comparison:

    Under "Mozilla's Gay Star Chamber"

    Tifany Stills some asshole who donated money to a group who's sole purpose was to legislate discrimination against gays was fired from a public position because gays don't like him........and were shocked?

    Be ashame to think he was an asshole.
    Those who show homosexuality in program that was originally constructed to be children's TV: MTV, they are the assholes.
    What's so bad about this discrimination! Do you really believe it hurts gays if the state doesn't offer them the service of marriage?

    Bob Bain
    "Do you really believe it hurts gays if the state doesn't offer them the service of marriage?"

    Yes, yes it DOES. Being married gets a whole bunch of rights, like being able to visit your partner in the hospital when they're dying.

    But, we've got to stick to the BIBLICAL MODEL OF MARRIAGE: one man, as many women as he can purchase or steal.

    ....wait, that doesn't sound quite right....

    Under "Michael Sam - First Gay NFL Player "

    Why do people care do much about others. If someone else is gay it does not affect you in any way so stop worrying about it. The only person it afects is the ones who are gay. And even though it says being gay is a sin in the old testamind, right next to where it is stated it also says that it is ok to have slaves as long as they are from another country and you can beat them as much as you want, but you can't kill them. So wether or not the bible,a rules on gay marriage still apply today is questionable and we may never know the awnser but either way it's not a sin to let someone be gay. Stop worrying about what others do if it doesn't affect you. Geesh 

    If gay people adopt children, it's bad for the children. We care for those children. If gay people display their homosexuality overtly in public, it is a part of the public space that affects us all. We care.
    If children are confronted with homosexuality by just going outside on the street because there is a gay pride parade, it affects us all, especially our children. We care. If we are confronted with homosexuality day by day when we turn on the TV to watch something else, it affects us.
    We don't need the Bible, we don't need God to justify being against homosexuality/not condoning homosexuality. Not only are most people hetero, most heteroes find by their nature homosexuality abhorrent. God is only the last argument if anything else fails. But with you, everything fails as you don't even accept God as an argument.

  3. What we want is to be treated normal and I think it is experienced as shoving it on you....I'm trans and can't speak for anyone but are myself there....but the only agenda is to be accepted...because people are so normalized to hate has to be pushed over and over....and some will always hate or feel non empathetic.