Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pitfalls of Working With White People

Yes, your tax money went to help fund a list called "Pitfalls of Working With White People." By reading the list, you can get the sense that White people who attend "white privilege" conferences are despised by non-Whites. No one can respect someone who hates his own people. It is unnatural and unnerving.

An organization that published a list of 29 “Pitfalls of Working With White People” that was circulated at a diversity conference earlier this year received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Daily Caller has learned.

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  1. I actually agree with most of the points on that list. When people without color try too hard, it's really pathetic.

  2. Another great vid Ramz.
    Agree with your solution to white nastiness : white people should be quarantined into camps or "countries".
    I guarantee, these camps will soon end up as hell-holes like pre-war England, Germany and Switzerland. We would then have to sit back and admire with envy and remorse the progress of countries modeled on Haiti, Congo, Angola etc. and contemplate the wrong we have done to these people.

  3. I can't stand that phrase "people of color" - I'm white, pink, and/or tan depending on the time of year, those are all colors!!! LOL!
    When I was a child and we were learning about prisms and spectrums of light, I was awed by the fact that mixing all the primary colors made white light and the absence of colors was black. So basically, I'm many colors and they're are not colored at all! ;-P

    This is so ridiculous, how could you talk to someone, (much less work well with them), who really believed these things? You cannot reason with unreasonable people. It's especially abhorrent because they used our tax dollars to criticize us...and to be even remotely true it should be called "Pitfalls of being around white people" because this list applies to so few "people of color" as their unemployment rate is at least double, probably closer to triple, the rest of the population. Oh poor, poor people of color, I'm so sorry that all us white taxpayers have paid for your food stamps, welfare and housing, it must be so hard for you to put up with us, so we'll also pay for you to spend time hating on us for our skin color.

  4. Those who made the list don't understand the concept of giving something in rerturn, of giving a favor in return for another favor.
    If a peculiar white man does not get the favor of #9, #10, #11 or #12, why should he work against racism. If people of color don't care, appreciate, exempt from criticism those who act against racism, they're ungrateful. They cannot expect then white people to be motivated to work against racism. But according to Prof. Valberg, black people don't know what motivation is anyway. I haven't checked the works of Prof. Valberg.

  5. I have to say that this list really ticks me off. It tells me that "people of color" i.e., Blacks, don't wish to be equal. They don't wish to be treated just like everybody else. I thought the point here was to judge people by the content of their character rather than their skin color. Some famous person once said something like that, but who that was escapes me at the moment as it apparently does all the "people of color" who came up with these comments. It's funny, I bet if you asked a group of Koreans to list the pitfalls of working with Whites you'd probably get one big "Huh?"

    You will never see a list of the pitfalls of working with "people of color" published like this even though those pitfalls are numerous and often career-ending. Just being overheard mentioning the existence of the list above as a news article or commenting upon it in the office could end a White person's employment if you work for the right employer - like the Department of Justice.