Monday, May 19, 2014

Syrian Demoncrazy - The Farce

Ever hear of the phrase "anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White"? That is called The Mantra. The people who invented that mantra did not really invent the concept. Governments have long engaged in thought control by repeating a phrase over and over. These phrases are designed behind the scenes and are given to the puppets world leaders to recite.

The current phase used as propaganda against Syria's president is, "Assad has no place in Syria's future". This phrase has been used over and over by John Kerry, William Hague, Obama and others. They did not all randomly just start using the same phrase. This is a form of propaganda that is rather sophisticated. Quite a bit of time and money is spent developing these phrases.

Kerry is now claiming that a yet to be held Syrian election is a "farce". You will notice that he never explains WHY this election will be a farce. But in propaganda, it is not important to explain the "why". The only thing important is to repeat the claim over and over.

In London this gang of conspirators met to discuss democracy in Syria and the rule of law. With no sense of irony, Britain had to grant "special" immunity to Israeli minister Tzipi Livni to get around their own laws.

After the discussion of how to invalidate the upcoming Syrian election, these guys actually had the chutzpah to lecture Russia about not meddling in the Ukrainian elections.


  1. How is it that RamzPaul has over 18k "subscribers" on Youtube, yet, most of your videos are less than half that?
    I've noticed "Nationalists", "Realists", or who ever advocates sanity somehow seem to hit a "views" barrier. Usually, it's around the 5k mark and unusually consistent for youtube. Any "Channel" that is kosher fluctuates wildly in views for any given number of videos.

  2. Well done. I was viewing compilation videos of Syrian Arab Army mechanized Howitzers firing point blank into buildings in which foreign scavenger Jihadis used as firing positions. The blast and resulting pressure wave were pretty intense as one can well imagine.

    The point is, we are going to have to identify and then isolate these psychopaths in power just like the Syrian Arab Army are identifying then isolating the foreign Jihadi scavengers rampaging through Syria, then fire "mechanized Howitzers" point blank into their tents.

    And get a grip on "democracy" alright, look the etymology up and study it with extreme prejudice; because for these psychopaths in power the form of "democracy" they are imposing is remarkably different then the faux passé democracy the plebeian class have been fed.

    Please be accurate: "Gang of conspirators" from this point forward must be identified as psychopaths.