Saturday, May 24, 2014

Teenage girls attacked in Baltimore

A gang of "youths" attacked attacked two White teenage girls for fun. The local media called it a "prank". National media ignores story.

Girl forgot to use her "white privilege"

"Youth" with butt hanging out attacking Melissa

"Yeah, I am a bad mutherfucker"


  1. Whites need their own homeland ?
    We had one once - it was called Europe - later America, Australia etc.
    I normally agree with you, Ramz, but what is the point in creating yet another homeland when we so readily gave up the old one (and at the height of it's cultural and material development) ?
    Maybe there is some genetic barrier that will not allow any race or culture to advance beyond some pre-set limit.
    I do get very depressed at times.

  2. What is it that you "don't understand", RamZ? Zionism = racism, because they have their "nationalism" at the expense of the Palestinians. They ethnically cleanse them. They demolish their houses, they destroy their crops. It's an apartheid state. No, it's worse actually. Watch "Peace, propaganda and Promised Land" on YT. They also already had their own state, it's called Birobidzhan, look it up too.

  3. I am a White separatist and I advocate a Whites ONLY homeland and it will come but probably not without blood, sweat, and tears. But as far as this Anti - White Terrorism by blacks go I no longer feel anything for the majority of the White victims because a lot of them don't want to listen to their racial instincts and still choose to hang out where these nogs congregate - when in Yellowstone beware of the grizzlies. As far as using deadly force iand u have to put a grizzly down then shoot, scoot, and stay mute - do your work and keep it to yourself. If cops do show up say I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY and lawyer up. But yes , we do need a White homeland but one minus a lot of the self hating Whites that infect our Race.

  4. Beware of white girls like these two. It looks like they were in a heavily black area of Baltimore when this happened. They may have black boyfriends or even girl friends and would see nothing wrong with interracial mixing. Don't feel too sorry for them because they would view racially conscious whites as ignorant. Even after this incident they may say that it could just as well have happened in a white neighborhood and race didn't have anything at all to do with it. They have probably been dumbed down by the system.

  5. What would Dr lector do? You know in all my time in the ghetto blacks haven't attacked me yet....but and even though I've had a black friend from there....its mostly black in Baltimore.

  6. Kkk used to attack blacks like you think race preferences blind US to similar behavior we all do but are not cognizant of?