Monday, June 16, 2014

Army to fight 'White Privilege'

The local new station in Colorado Springs, Colorado broke a story about leaflets found at Ft. Carson. And the Ft. Carson authorities are "investigating". Investigating what? Why is this a story? Has the First Amendment been repealed? Why is this an issue?

I say fuck them. If the "authorities" try to censor writings, I will give them free publicity. Nice job Cultural Marxists. If you did not attempt to violate the First Amendment only 10 people would have seen this literature. I will make sure 10,000 now see it. Retards.

Multiple fliers from an apparent white supremacist group have showed up inside Fort Carson.

The fliers have the Northwest Front organization's name on them along with some racist messages.

According to the Northwest Front website, the organization plans to create what they call an "independent and sovereign White nation" in the Pacific Northwest


  1. My god! A lawyer I can like???? And has a functioning brain too! Will wonders ever cease?

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  3. Great videos! I agree with just about all of what you say, except I support democracy. I've been thinking about making my own videos, just not sure if I can since I have a day job, unfortunately.

    Just curious, how long does it take to create a 3-5 minute video on average? I'm guessing the editing takes most of the time. My guess is it takes about 8 hours to create an edited video on average.