Monday, June 30, 2014

Home Depot Declares War on Women

The Supreme Court continued the War on Women by ruling that Home Depot cannot be forced to provide contraceptives to its employees. It should be noted that the CEO of Home Depot, Frank Blake, is a known virgin with a small penis who hates women.

But the bigger bombshell that the media has not reported is that Home Depot also does not provide free food for Women or People of Color. And food is probably even more necessary to life than contraceptives. (Not sure. Have not seen any scientific studies on this matter.) Yet the greedy Home Depot expects their employees to buy their own food. This has to stop.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling that some employers can refuse to provide contraception despite a federal insurance mandate.

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  1. Problem here Ramz. I believe the plaintiff was the craft chain called Hobby Lobby not Home Depot.

  2. Lol ~ "twerk dat a$$"
    It's all ridiculous, why stop at forcing them to provide abortifacients, why not condoms, lube, hygiene products? How about they pay for every activity you wish to partake in and then pay your salary and insurance on top of that? Why not?
    Washington & Jefferson would be turning over in their graves if they knew what "americans" are putting up with from their government.

  3. I disagree with this. If staff are having sex on company property/time then contraception should be provided. Also if customers are going to watch then there should be birth control available in case they decide to participate. Also if a baby is conceived it obviously belongs to the company and this presents a complex legal issue as babies cannot work until they are of minimum age. Also there should be facilities for recycling used condoms as these can present a hazard to potential teenage moms who may trip on them and become pregnant through not fault of their own... much to discuss on this issue - you go hilary. :):