Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iraq Collapsing

Another war that turned out to be a total waste. Yet another American defeat while fighting an unconstitutional war for a foreign power. The amount of blood and money pissed down the drain is staggering.

And the psychos that brought us the Iraq war are now demanding we spill more blood and money in Syria. I guess they figure all that have to do is wave the American flag and sing God Bless America and that will fool the dumb fucks.

Iraqi forces sought to check the rapid advance of Islamist militants who had seized major cities, as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responded to the greatest threat to his government since taking power.


  1. There must be some deadly genetic flaw in the white DNA. Faced with freely available and overwhelming evidence that they are being suckered, the white drone is still prepared to fight and die in phony 'patriotic' wars that have nothing to do with racial or national survival, Maybe it's time to hand over the evolutionary torch to another race that are better fitted to survive.

  2. Sometimes after one of your videos I feel like you need a drink and so do I, this was one of those videos. I agree with your points. I think many who originally supported the war have come to the realization that it was wrong. It's tragic that so many men had to die for people to see the truth. It's one thing to "support the troops" but it is completely different to believe we should send our men all over the world to die for people who hate us.

  3. @mbc I am driving you to drink? heh

    I support the troops to protect OUR nation. I don't support mercenaries.

    1. Lol, well, if you ever make it down to Dallas we can drive each other to drink ;-P

  4. The "other country" is Israel. The "neo-Cons" are in fact overwhelmingly Jewish. Regardless of the authenticity of the "The Protocols", they have turned out to be remarkably prescient as far as how events have unfolded since they were published. It is not philosophically inconsistent to support our troops but totally disagree with their reason for being overseas. Many have said if before but I have to say it here; "NO more wars for Israel". We need to bring all our troops home today and do just what Ron Paul advocated in his Pres. campaign, stop all foreign aid period. Including that to Israel.

  5. " believe we should send our men all over the world to die for people who hate us."

    "You" are not sending your men all over the world to die for people who hate you - your Government is.
    And those people did not hate your government until your government started to usurp these people's own governments (sometimes democratically elected) - and then to proceeded to bomb the shit out of them when they didn't bend to your government's will. You, like me, have absolutely no control over our governing elites and their self serving schemes. We and our people are certainly not dying for the benefit of people who now hate us.

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  7. Yet another failed military crusade to save somebody. Korean War (never ended BTY), Vietnam, now Iraq and Afghanistan. And the military operation that would be a cinch to win and would cost just a mere fraction of what those other military failures cost is just sitting there being obvious: SECURE OUR US BORDERS!!!

  8. So typical. Neocon Zionists encouraged Bush to destroy Sunni power in Iraq. Shias came to power, so Zionists then feared the Shia crescent from Iran to Lebanon. So, Obama sent aid to Sunni terrorist rebels to undermine and destabilize Syria, which is allied with Iran. Now Sunni terrorists spill out from Syria and attack & weaken the Shia government in Iraq. Make gentile fight gentile.

    Jews pulled the same thing in Ukraine, pumping massive money–$5 billion in US tax payer dollars–into that region to foment gentile animosity toward gentiles. The likes of Wolfowitz and Nuland are a plague upon the world.

    But gentile politicians like Bush and Obama will keep acquiescing to Jewish demand since Jewish elites and money can make or break anyone.

    The Syrian War would have ended long ago if US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel didn’t funnel arms to the rebels. But it went on and is spilling into Iraq. Zionists love it since the Shia crescent has been broken.

  9. My two tours to SE Asia back in the 1970s was to protect the business interests of monolithic greedy USA corporations who are in an unholy alliance with the tyrannical USA governments at all levels; federal, state and local.

    As the decades passed and I sought the reality of life within the USA I have concluded that an immense scam and ongoing class war exists.

    The only war I want is Revolutionary War Two to destroy the unrepairable old systems and put a new set of Founders with all American's interests at heart to start anew albeit with the existing Constitution as a frame work.

    And ensure the corporate systems of immense wealth and power are made accountable to the masses of citizens.

  10. USA, USA, USA???!!!!

    How about JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!!!???

    American foreign policy and Jerry Springer Show play on the same dynamics.
    The puppet master pulls the strings and provokes fights where gentiles end up bashing one another, but oddly enough, everyone looks to the puppet-master as the sage of wisdom, advice, and peace.

    Springer brings on people on his show and provokes them to fight and bloody one another, but he stands back and acts so innocent. And the very people who are being exploited by him plead with him for sympathy, as if he's their friend and really cares about them(when he really despises them as dumb goyim). And even though the fools in the seats come from the same social milieu as the fools on the stage, the audience holler and applaud at the mayhem and chant 'Jerry, Jerry, Jerry'.

    Same with US foreign policy. The puppet masters make Christians fight Muslims and make Sunnis fight Shias. We pump money into the region to ensure that no side will grow 'too powerful'. So, when Hussein invaded Iran and triggered the Iran-Iraq War, US gave him tons of aid. But when Hussein won the war and invaded Kuwait, he was suddenly the new Hitler. He and his people had to be destroyed, even if it meant that 300,000 women and children would be killed by economic sanctions. Sounds like what Stalin and Kaganovich did to the Ukrainians in the 30s.

    As Israel wants to be the sole great power in the region, it plays this 'balance of powers' game. It's like the UK used to support any nation on the European continent to ensure that no nation would become too dominant. So, when France was 'too powerful', UK sided with Germans and Russians. When Germany became 'too powerful', UK sided with France and Russia.

    We are all being played by the Zionist elites, but we just go along screaming USA, USA, or JERRY, JERRY. And even though the Zionists use us like attack dogs, we plead with them for sympathy, money, and handouts as if they are compassionate masters who just adore us so much.

    Gimme a break.

    If the people on Jerry Springer Show had any sense or courage, they would stop fighting one another and chanting JERRY JERRY and band together and kick Jerry's butt for HE is a cunning puppet master who raked in so much dough by encouraging gentiles to bash one another or enjoy the spectacle of other gentiles bashing one another.