Monday, June 2, 2014

POW Swap - Choose a Narrative

The POW swap is the big story today. As such, I decided to choose that as the subject of my video today. The video was pretty good. I had pretty much all the Republican talking points. Of course, as I have some WN types that watch me, I decided to add some references to Israel and our foreign policy. Video by check box. That is pretty much what all the famous commentators do. Their videos are always the same. Conservative or liberal, people stay in their box and say what people want to hear.

Do you trade your reality for a role?

Freed hero or traitor? As the only U.S. soldier held by the Taliban is released, the doubts over his story and its unsettling echoes of a controversial TV thriller 


  1. You sound a bit frustrated in this broadcast. Which I can understand.

    I don't give a shit about any of the actors in this latest incident. It means nothing to me. It can (and should) all burn. If I can, I will help it burn.

    I care about my tea, bitchez.

  2. You should speak the truth and if you don't want to address something, then don't.
    I think your viewers ask you what you think about the news of the moment because you're very intelligent and you can articulate your points in a way that is both entertaining and makes them think. And you know the history behind a lot of things, like how things came to be the way they are now, so you actually have something to add that people might not otherwise hear.
    Even if people don't agree with you they can still respect you and be interested in hearing your POV.

    (Although some people can't/don't respect anyone, so I'm not saying everyone can respect someone they disagree with)

    Please make videos about what you want, say what you want, speak the truth. I like when you explain why you hold your beliefs/opinions and what you really think about something because it really does make me think, even if I don't totally understand or agree. And I like when you give the history/backstory of things, I wish you would offer suggested reading lists.

    Hope the coffee was delicious!

  3. @mbc I wanted to address the topic of addressing topics. If that makes sense!

    Every once in awhile I do these philosophical vids. It is good for my soul.