Friday, June 6, 2014

RAMZPAUL 2014 Amren Speech

Below is my speech at the 2014 American Renaissance convention. I lost my notes so the speech was somewhat improv (but I did have the PowerPoint). My guess is that a Communist snuck in the conference and stole my notes when I got up to take a piss. But it will take more than that to stop the neo-reaction!

Thanks to Amren for making these speeches free to everyone.

Please go to Amren's site and check out the other speeches. It was like being at a Nuremberg Rally.


  1. I was at the conference, RamZPaul, and I even had the pleasure of conversing with you on the first day. It was an honor to meet you in person. You were a lot taller than I realized. Here's how I would rank the speeches:

    1. Jared Taylor - What can you say? The man's a pro. An outstanding spokesman for the White race.

    2. RamZPaul - Not sucking up here, it was that good. Explaining neo-reaction while being funny and entertaining is no easy task, but you managed to do it.

    3. Jack Donovan - Cut to the heart of the issue as far as race and nationalism go.

    4. John Morgan - Really good. Really thoughtful. Really inspiring.

    5. Douglas Whitman - Informative and exploded the myth of genetic equality among different races.

    6. John Derbyshire - Interesting. I learned a lot about China.

    7. Sam Dickson - Solid as always.

    8. Philip Craik - It was hard to follow at times, since he went through the history of South Africa so quickly, but it was interesting to see how a group of White people has handled the transition to minority status.

    9. Adrian Davies - A good speech, just the one that was least memorable to me.

    All in all, it was a great experience. I hope you get invited to speak again next year.

  2. Best video yet! It was very amusing and educational!
    Thanks RamZ

  3. Yay! I was wondering if they were going to release the speeches on DVD again, but this is so much better! It's easier to share and tell others to watch.

    I loved your speech, it was very good even with no notes :-)

    Happy Birthday Paul!!! Hope it's fun!

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  6. Douglas Whitman - Informative and exploded the myth of genetic equality among different races.

    "Removed by user" at you tube.

  7. @mbc Thank you! It was a fun day. Good weather and good food.

  8. @icr Doug's speech is still up at Amen. They just moved it.

  9. Beautifully done, Ramz.
    We can only hope that one day soon a proper debate will be allowed in the MSM along the lines of your speech.

  10. Ramz, that was a phenomenal speech. But please do consider Derbyshire's question a little more once the booze wears off.

  11. @viakorea To write a book? Yes, I might do that. Now that I have a publisher!

  12. @ian It was nice meeting you! Thank you for attending. It was a fun time.

  13. Very good.

    "You know what else is orange and red and looks good on hippies? Fire."


    "My dad has a Luger from [?] it's really cool I hope to get that one day."


    I actually knew a Polish priest at St Aloysius in New Canaan, CT, who did have his tongue cut out in WWII.