Friday, June 13, 2014

RAMZPAUL Responds to Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard, a mainstream comedian, has released a video warning men to stay away from the "manosphere". Reading sites such as Heartiste can give a young man very naughty and politically incorrect ideas.

According to Chris, you really should just focus on getting a high definition TV and a girl that somewhat likes you. The Manosphere will just give you uppity ideas.

Comedian Chris Gethard adopted his epic Tumblr response to the Men’s Rights backlash from #YesAllWomen into a 2 minute video for Now This News, and it’s pretty great. “Sure, a pretty girl will get into a club before you, but you know what else a hot girl has to deal with?” Asks Mr. Gethard. “Six dollars less an hour than I would get. And I’m lazy. I’m very lazy.”


  1. Want a comedian that tells the truth about this stuff, look up Bill Burr. Bill leaves Chris Gethard in the dust.

  2. Yes, Chris Gethard (sexist last name !) you may be lazy but you are also mildly retarded to believe that men in this culture have it easy when reality says we have the civil and property rights of medieval Russian serfs before the corrupt family court racket !

  3. Chris, if companies could employ women at $6 less an hour than they pay men for the same job then they wouldn't employ men, would they? Or do you think companies are less interested in maximizing their profits than in exploiting women?

    Let me tell you what I think is going on here. You are trying to compensate for your unattractiveness by showing yourself to be pro-women when no one is actually against women in the first place. If I were a woman the last man in the world I would want to have sex with is one who mindlessly repeats a lie without thinking through how likely it is to be true.

    You are indeed very lazy, and very stupid.

  4. What a douche. Gethard is trying to compensate for his Gamma status by going full Mangina, in the hope of getting some grateful chick to throw him some pussy scraps.

  5. @Laguna Beach Fogey Chris is famous. And fame is chick crack. And if you are famous you can act or look however you want and you will have plenty of pretty girls. Think Woody Allen.