Saturday, June 21, 2014

Whitesplaining the Mexican Soccer Chant

White liberals are SHOCKED that Mexican fans are using a crude taunt at the World Cup games. It seems that the word "puto" can roughly translate as "faggot".  And as the year 2014 has officially been all things gay all the time, this crude chant simply will not do! Something needs to be done!

The problem is that Mexicans are... Mexicans. People of Color. Do White queer-lesbian-gay-transgender-transspecies have any moral right to lecture People Of Color? Who trumps whom?

RIO DE JANEIRO—World Cup fans from Mexico have gotten a yellow card from activist groups and FIFA after bringing a slur often used against gays to the world stage.

For years, Mexican soccer fans have shouted the Spanish insult "puto" in unison at opposing teams' goalies during goal kicks. The word is an offensive synonym for "gay man."


  1. La Raza bumping uglies with the Gay Lobby?
    Sounds like a prime time pay-per-view special - as in Ed.

  2. You can translate "puto" as "male whore" or "male harlot" and is a very pejorative word. A puto can be a puto for women (a gigolo) or a puto for men (a gay puto for maricones or gays).

    Cultural marxists, leftists or liberals hate accurate language or language they consider offensive to their beliefs or feelings, so they try to pervert it or censor it. It is something orwellian. They are afraid of language. That's the reason why we must preserve our language an its accurate meanings.

    I hate when our politicians and liberals use politically correct language. A word is not offensive or racist; it is the user who can be offensive or racist, not the word; anyway, leftist say that words are racist, or sexist, so they try to change the way you think in order to change your mind and will.

    When I heard a politician say "compañeros y compañeras" (male comrades and female comrades) instead of "compañeros", word that in Spanish language includes both sexes, I know that politician is trying to fool or mislead me. I know instantly that he is a leftist and I know who not to vote.

  3. It is a bit like victim group poker.

    "I have a transgenered black MtF and a mexican immigrant."

    "Oh yeah, well I'll see your victim groups and I'll raise you an atheist lesbian disabled single mom and two Somalian refugees!"

  4. When it comes to their priorities, liberals really are a weird bunch. Here in the UK they do not seem to mind that once safe streets are now becoming dangerous for them to walk down due to the added vibrancy - no, they seem more concerned about our enrichers negative attitude to Gays and Fems. This is Darwin in reverse. Very odd.

  5. Nice. Stay classy, Mexico. Maybe the use of this chant will out off uptight SWPLs from soccer. I can only hope.

    In Brazil, authorities have been more focused during the World Cup on discouraging expressions of racism, a crime so serious here that offenders can be arrested without bail.

    This is where we're headed. Coming to a town near you. It will become a crime to even criticize a non-White.

    Has anyone else noticed how White the crowds are at these matches in Brazil? Not including, of course, the African fans, many of whom unwittingly look and act according to 'racist' stereotype.

    I've also noted the seemingly vast numbers of attractive White women in the crowds. Maybe South America wouldn't be such a bad place to live after all.

  6. I've in Albuquerque for four years. The word generally meant whore, while maricone meant homosexual.