Monday, July 14, 2014

Axelle Despiegelaere Fired for Hunting Photo

Axelle Despiegelaere is a pretty teenager from Belgium who was a spectator at the World Cup. While at the games, she was shown on TV. The image of her captured the imagination of people and it went viral. As a result of that publicity she received a modeling contract from L'Oréal.   L'Oréal created a video of her (basically a commercial) and within 1 week it has received almost 5 million views.

Yet, now she was fired. Why? Because it was discovered on her Facebook page she had a picture of herself hunting in Africa. Of course, if she had a picture of her aborted fetus, that would have been fine.

The Left is using this as a "teaching moment" in that you better watch what you say and do!

The Private Life is dead. Thanks Marxists!


  1. Something the Marxist don't realize or refuse to acknowledge:

    Hunting keeps the wildlife from going extinct. No hunting, the animals have no value beyond food to the local people. The same animals also compete with subsistence farmers making the wildlife a nuisance. So without regulated hunting, the wildlife will be eaten or killed off to protect crops and homes.

    Instead have wealthy people coming to Africa to go hunting. Those animals now have value.. more value than subsistence crops. The locals have a financial stake at making sure the wildlife doesn't disappear due to deliberate extermination or over hunting.

    1. Exactly, if it wasn't for game farming half the animals would have been extinct in South Africa. Even now the poachers is causing havoc with the rhino population in the Kruger Park. Game farms is whats keeping the animal numbers up.
      Isn't there somewhere where these Marxists can be sent where their stupidity will cause no harm? Their constant need to feel warm and fluffy and show it to the world is nauseating .

    2. The moon is fairly free this time of year. Maybe they can go up there and eat vegetables and love animals or something.

  2. Notice how jewish Hollywood makes the evil Bolshevik leader look like a "Nazi" scare down the cheek, blond hair, fine features and the sensitive, kind and good Zhivago semitic looking. The fact is that the Bolshevik leadership was 90% jewish. Just another day in jewishwood mindfucking.

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