Saturday, July 5, 2014

Obama: US A Nation Of Immigrants. RAMZPAUL: So What?

On queue, Obama trotted out the old "USA has always been a nation of immigrants" line. Yeah? So what? Every country has been based on immigration. The point of countries is to limit immigration so the people of the country have self determination. If you have unlimited immigration, you no longer have a country. And many American really don't want the USA to look like Africa or Mexico.

We desire a homeland for our people.


  1. If two nations decide to split up into two separate countries due to hatred,then SO WHAT! People and groups hate one another, THAT'S REALITY! Ramzpaul you do some good videos, but you need to stop trying to play up to leftists by claiming that nationalism isn't motivated by hate, many times it is (Sudan, Bangladesh, Ireland e.t.c.) SO WHAT! 

  2. RAMZ, you have to see this, on the credibility of US media: