Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quitting America

American protesters attempted to stop the invasion of America. But that battle is lost. We need to know when to fold a bad hand. "America" will not be restored. Holding on to a bad hand it a sucker's strategy.  The only viable goal is self determination. A homeland of our own.


  1. RAMZ, that's a point I've been trying to make for forty something years, with insufficient success (20%?).

    It's not only the corruptions of the last 200 years. The whole concept of 'self governance' is a joke. People are not up to it.

    The people with money > influence > power know what a heavy burden is the advertising of "America".

  2. <3 Great video
    Hope you have a fun Independence Day! I know...celebrating principles & virtues that American's as a whole no longer care about or represent, they don't have the same character that those men who signed the Declaration of Independence did, but have a good one anyway :-)

  3. The Declaration of White Independence

  4. Quitting America for...where?

    Poolside is nice, for now.