Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Should Muslims be forced to make gay cakes?

Diversity can't work. It is logically impossible. A recent diversity example occurred in Colorado. A Christian baker was asked to make a homosexual wedding cake. He refused based on his religious beliefs. So who trumps who? The Christian? Or the homosexual? This was an easy case for the Cultural Marxists as the baker is White, straight man. That is pretty much the modern definition of a "Nazi".  The government has declared that the baker MUST make a gay cake.

But what if the baker should have been more vibrant? Say a Somali Muslim that was an undocumented worker? Does sodomy trump blackness? We don't expect undocumented workers to obey our immigration laws. Would we require such people to obey our "must make sodomy cake" laws? Do we have the right as White people to force our pro-buggery on otherwise enriching cultures? Such is a question that would vex Solomon.

And, yet, Obama wants to flood America with more vibrancy. Yet not all of this vibrancy supports America's highest value (i.e., sodomy). The Muslims in France and England are not exactly the most tolerant bunch. Such is the dilemma of diversity.


  1. A simple unarguable truth condensed into one short video - excellent, Ramz. If only this could be put before a wider audience so that it could generate some much needed non-hysterical debate.

  2. Homos trump feminists, blacks, hispanics, and all the usual lefty groupings such as unions,


    Muzzies trumps everything and everyone.

    Because if you don't accept their religion of peace, they'll kill you, really, to prove it.