Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thomas & Friends - Extremist Propaganda?

Tracey Van Slyke believes that the popular children's television program, Thomas & Friends is "subversive" right wing propaganda. In the an article for the British newspaper The Guardian, Slyke claims that Thomas & Friends promotes racism, sexism, classism and anti-environmentalism. That is a lot of isms for our poor children. I am surprised she missed that the program also promotes cis-privilege.

Tracy find racism in the color of the train's smoke. And sexism is found in an episode where a boy train was painted pink. Hate is found everywhere.

Nazi Train


  1. As a child I was brought up on the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' stories - must have appealed to my inner Nazi.

  2. Somewhat off topic and 2 years too late. However, here is an article I recently discovered about the anti-White 2012 London Olympics.