Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anita Sarkeesian's Titillating Twitter Tales

Over the years of making videos, I have noticed recurring themes. One of the more common themes is that of people faking "hate" crimes in order to gain sympathy and money.

Last year an obese University of Wyoming student was supposedly a victim of rape threats on Facebook. The police investigated and it turned out she was the author of the posts.

What I found interesting was how she worded her cyber rape fantasy. The "threat" was that of a man who was overcome with lust based on her beauty.

What man could resist her?

This year Anita Sarkeesian has made a similar claim. Supposedly, some stalker wrote of her beauty and his desire to suck her blood and rape her. Classic female vampire domination porn.

Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist who makes a living of seeing sexism in video games. She claimed Mario Bothers was sexist. In response, people call her an idiot and she then cries to the media and plays the role of the poor damsel in distress. She then puts her hand out and white knights send her money. This cycle repeats over and over. It is quite the scam.

In the midst of a fund raiser, she revealed a shocking rape threat that she received on Twitter. This made national news and resulted in more suckers sending her money.

The wording of the twitter threats was very similar to the feminist porn that the University of Wyoming student posted. We are supposed to believe some evil and hateful man is just overcome with Anita's beauty and wants to suck her blood and rape her.

Ummmm... OK. I think someone has been watching too many vampire domination movies.

Notice that these "threats" involve much flowery language describing the beauty and desirability of the woman. Typically, if a man hates a woman, he does not compliment her. It is possible that these threats are real. If so, Anita should call the police. But my guess is she does not want the police to analyze what computer was used to post the Tweets.

Return of the Kings did a good analysis of the supposed threats:


  1. She loves vampires and published an essay about "Buffy vs. Bella"

    Yeah, she has a vampire fetish and totally wrote those tweets herself.

  2. Just another example of some a-hole feminist making false allegations of sexual abuse and nothing happening to her after she is caught.

    And the really sad part is this skank is a member of the white breeding pool which is rapidly thinning out year by year.

  3. This, in turn, reminds me of a hate crime hoax that took place at a university a year or two ago. A bi-racial lesbian student called the cops because somebody had vandalized her dorm with spray paint. They wrote things like, "Know your place, tranny!"

    What klan member, Nazi, Hells Angel or vigilante would say something like, "know your place, tranny"? Those are the words of a LGBT studies major who's into avante garde theater. Amazingly, the cops found out that it wasn't the klan who wrote those things, but she herself.