Saturday, August 23, 2014

James Foley - Islamic Beta Orbiter

James Foley was a progressive liberal who supplicated to Islamic terrorist groups in an attempt to win their favor. He was rewarded with getting his head chopped off by these same groups. No one likes someone who grovels.

Of course, James was quick to fan the flames of fear against "right wing" terrorism. (It is easy to oppose something you know is not a real threat.) But concerning Islamic terrorism, he was not quite as courageous.

James Wright Foley’s brutal public murder should serve as a cautionary tale to all progressive “infidels” who decry others as “Islamophobes.”


  1. Excellent analysis, describes the cowardly liberal mindset exactly.

  2. Same with the celebrity/politician caught making an un-PC remark. The grovelling apology is treated with contempt by both friend and foe. Never apologize for being oneself.

  3. I think that James Foley's beheading is fake. It is not like the beheadings of other people in that area: the video is shot with two cameras, it is edited, the image is cristal clear, the clothes are new and clean, the speech seems acted, you can not see the actual beheading, the prisoner is not nervous or afraid... It looks that it was made in Hollywood; maybe this is not far from the truth.

    Maybe the CIA and the Mossad can tell us about this video.

    I think that the whole thing is staged. The U.S. military-industrial complex, the Finns from the U.S.A. and the Finns from Israel have an interest to go to war in the Middle East and they need excuses for that. The multinational corporations want oil and want to sell weapons in order to get richer and richer, and te Israelis want their Arab neighbours fighting each other in order to make what they want in Palestine and to have the Arab countries devastated.

    Americans, you are going to war in the Middle East in a few months. Also your government and politicians are doing nasty things in Ukraine and Russia.

  4. And in other good news, Mark Paslavsky, an American who travelled to Ukraine to kill Russian-speaking Ukrainians, has himself been killed:

    Good riddance, asshole.