Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rotherham - Child sacrifice to diversity god

It is sad to see how the once great nation of England has fallen. Britain now rivals North Korea for totalitarian control. If you are White, the wrong word can send you to jail. If you are non-White you are free to rape and kill the native British with impunity.

If Henry the VIII came back from the grave, he could quickly solve the "Asian" problem. I can't understand how the British can tolerate the genocide of their children. The British should apologize to Germany.

A report commissioned by the city council stated that at least 1400 children were sexually abused over 16 years.


  1. Having spent so much of my youth in Britain, I find it incredibly shocking (and disappointing) to see how far the country has fallen. Fucking amazing.

  2. The formula is pretty easy to understand.

    More Islam means more regression, socially, morally, economically.

    Islam has NO redeeming positives.

  3. Thank god Hitler lost the war. If he had won then once Great Britain would have missed out on all this wonderful 3rd world cultural enrichment. It is a dirty little secret but racism and racial profiling saves white lives. Just get over it if that offends you.

  4. The minds of the indigenous population of the UK are in the vice-like grip of institutionalised Cultural Marxism and a Globalist-oriented government. This means all public services (e.g. the NHS), media outlets (e.g. newspapers like the Telegraph) and educational bodies (e.g. Universities like LSE) push a totally liberal agenda. This conveniently aligns with the agendas of both major political parties; the Conservatives whose main concern is big business and further EU integration and Labour whose main concern is minority and fringe groups… and further EU integration. They have different reasons but both push for multiculturalism and open-door immigration. One wants the cheap labour, the other wants to realise a liberal utopian fantasy.

    The majority of the indigenous people in the UK want none of the above. However, they face three problems. Firstly, the politico-cultural apparatus has in place laws and slur strategies to effectively ruin anyone who speaks out against their policies and beliefs. It’s easy to say “So what?”, but when you need a stable income to support a family and you reside in a country with very high living costs, publicly flaunting taboo principles just isn’t an option.

    Secondly, within the indigenous population there are plenty of ‘useful idiots’ - mainly impressionable young women, effeminate men and anyone upper middleclass who cherishes their status as a fully paid up champagne socialist. These individuals absorb and internalise whatever is promoted ‘acceptable’ by the media and other liberal institutions. Some are true believers and simply cannot think for themselves as it leads to cognitive dissonance. Others just believe whatever they’re told because they have massively misplaced trust in the system. The rest are the upper middle classes, who tend to be so two-faced and proud of their status that even though they may disagree with the liberal propaganda, they’re daren’t speak out for fear of losing face amongst their morally elitist peers.

    Finally, and I believe most importantly, most indigenous people in the UK have become self-centred cowards. At some point in the sequel to the ‘300’ movie there is a statement to the effect “I would rather die standing a free man than live on my knees as a slave”. Most of the people in the UK would struggle to reconcile the logic behind this declaration. They have never known true hardship. They are just too comfortable in their 1st world surroundings and providing nothing bad ever happens to them, and to a lesser extent their immediate network of family and friends, they don’t care. They want to maintain what they perceive to be an easy life at all costs. The quality of life across the board is dropping in the UK and has been for some time, for everyone but the very wealthy. But it’s taking effect like a slow poison. There’s no sudden drop in living standards, no dramatic decrease in quality of life and this is possibly due to cheap imported labour propping up the economy and the cheap goods we have today as a result of mass production. However the real-world value of our money along with our global influence is falling, but just not quite fast enough. As long as the system can maintain a slow rate of decline and ensure our quality of life doesn’t diminish at a runaway pace, nothing will happen. If the quality of life fell rapidly it might be a different story. Laws and propaganda count for a lot less when people have nothing left to lose. Even then, many people in the UK are so over-civilized I don’t believe they would ever be able to fight for anything.

    So it’s likely no-one will address shocking problems like the Rotherham incident and similar incidents around the country. And by the time the indigenous people of the UK do sit-up and take notice, it’ll be after they’ve completed visa applications for either the US, Australia or New Zealand, by which time it may well be too late to run anywhere. At this stage and without an imminent miracle, there will be no bang as the UK disappears, just a whimper then Sharia law.

  5. Here's another one from not so great britain. Mind you this was the only article i could find where the attacker's description was mentioned - and not even in the article itself but a screenshot of a facebook post with the description. Notice the PC-obsessed commenters - they appear to be more worried about naughty 'racist' comments than the fact a woman was sexually assaulted then violently attacked to where she was unrecognizable. And the assailant very well may have done it feeling IT is entitled to have his way with any woman of 'non-color', but the PC commenters, just like the police will refuse to even speculate that, out of self-hatred and/or fear of being called 'racist'. Most likely also the reason why no one came to the woman's defense or even tried to stop the attacker:

  6. not sure if this incident is actually an indicator of anything except the global incompetence - at every level - of the powers that be here in little england.


    'Racist' is the new 'nih'. People are so afraid of that word, they cave every time.

  8. Estimated 10,000 victims nation wide (and counting) - report from law and freedom