Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Salute to the European youth - An American Response

The European Youth fight for their identity and self determination. As AMericans, we must also fight for our identity.

The youth in Europe are fighting for their identity and heritage. Certain elements have been flooding Europe with immigrants in an attempted genocide of the European people. European people are realizing that they also have the right to live and the right to self determination. If Jewish people have the right to maintain Israel as a Jewish state, Europeans have the right to maintain Europe for Europeans.


  1. That video is from the Sweden Democrat party's youth wing. You should also check out this wonderful video from the young Sweden Democrat women:

    No subtitles unfortunately, but here's a translation from the comments:

    Some believe we do not exist
    Young girls who love their country
    But they are wrong
    Because we are many and we become more every day
    We are girls who dare to stand for what we believe
    We are (svenskor) Swedish women, and we are proud of that
    We love our country, we are proud of our history, and we hold our culture dear
    That is why we cannot sit still and watch as our country is falling apart
    Sweden is turning into something unrecognizable
    We are ordinary young Swedish girls and we are saying stop
    In our country you should be able to feel safe
    Even if you are a young girl and out late at night
    In our country girls should be able to be girls (girl putting on lipstick) and boys should be able to be boys with out being questioned
    In our country we should take care of animals and nature
    We should have animal protection law of world class
    In our country the families should be strong and well off
    All children should have a safe childhood
    We inherited Sweden from our ancestors
    And it is our duty to preserve it for our children
    That is why we are members of SDU
    SDU is the youth organization that fights for us
    It is time for change and everyone is needed, so, welcome to our community
    "You are needed"