Monday, September 1, 2014

Feminists oppose rape prevention nail polish

Some college kids invented a nail polish that can detect "rape drugs" in a drink.

While this is a nice idea, in reality is is very rare for a man to put a rape drug in a drink. In most of the cases in which the woman passes out, it is due to the alcohol, not an exotic drug.

A recent study determined that men sneaking drugs into unsuspecting drinks is pretty much an urban myth.

Nevertheless, if women fear being drugged they now have a easy and safe option to prevent such a thing. Who could object?

Feminists, of course. Why would feminists object to giving women an option to detect a rape drug? Some theories:

1. The nail polish was invented by men - not an empowered woman
2. Feminists really don't care about preventing rape
3. Feminism is just a front group for Cultural Marxists. They don't really give a damn about women. They are just anti-White.


  1. The other problem is that once women start putting this stuff on their fingers and checking their drinks, they'll realize that that the "rape drug in the cocktail" thing never happens - either to them...or their friends...or their friends' friends...or anyone else. And the myth will be exposed. Feminists probably know this.

    And besides, why would men want a rape drug, anyway? They already have a sex drug (which would be the alcohol that the rape drug is supposed to go into.)

  2. Of course feminism is anti-White. Why else would the femcuntocracy remain silent about the mass gang rapes of young White women by brown curry pimps in Rotherham?

    (If the rapes had been perpetrated by privileged White males, of course, the feminists would scream bloody murder and we'd never hear the end of it).

    Fact is, feminists care more about the leaked celebrity iCloud photos than the mass gang rapes in Rotherham. These are the savages we're dealing with.

    Women already have an easy and safe option to avoid being raped. It's called AVOIDING ALCOHOL. The other option is the 'date rape' nail polish, but I suspect neither method will catch on.

  3. I heard that story about Rod Stewart in about '77. And of course there were the stories about old people eating dog food or finding dogfood cans in the dumpster behind various fast-food places. Or the Choking Doberman or the maniac in the backseat at a gas station. And so many fall of this stuff.

  4. The goal of feminism is total control over men and (especially) male sexuality. It's not about the well-being, safety or happiness of women.

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