Monday, September 8, 2014

I Support Ray Rice!

There has been a frenzy of hate today against Ray Rice. It reminds me of a good old fashioned witch hunt. Everyone is trying to one up each other expressing their SHOCK and HORROR and OUTRAGE over some football player punching his fiance. (As Ray Rice is Black, the White social justice warriors had to wait to see if it was safe to condemn this attack. Once they saw other Blacks expressing their outrage over this incident, they felt safe to jump on the band wagon of hate).

While I don't support hitting a woman, I figure if the woman does not object, it is none of my business.  His brutal attack did not stop the wedding. She sleeps in bed every night with her attacker. So I am not sure why I am supposed to White Knight for her.

It is also humorous to see all these people exclaim horror of a man hitting a woman. Mind you, these are the same people that claim men and women are interchangeable and everything is a social construct. Women are just a strong and capable as men. Women are just as capable in combat as men! Until the reality hits. Then that "social construct" bullshit is scrapped.

Video of the attack:

And a link to just some of the moral posturing.

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