Saturday, September 20, 2014


I believe that Obama is the first hash tag President. Obama seems to think he is still a "community organizer" and a Social Justice Warrior. As such, he prefers various vapid public relation stunts to serious legislation.

The current hysteria is that of rape on college campuses. While there is no evidence of any such "rape epidemic" it never hurts to posture and do some moral preening. The War on Women and that sort of thing.

What is hilarious is how SERIOUS all these celebrities take these faux causes. A month from now this will be forgotten and they will be on their next feel good moral crusade.

Of course, anyone that is not mentally retarded can realize that a real rapist is not going to give a damn about some stupid pledge and a T-shirt. There are already serious criminal penalties for real rape. This is just a chance for the usual morons to preen about how "enlightened" and "progressive" they are by wearing some fucking T-shirt.

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  1. Hollywood types/ celebs whose moral leadership we all crave but who sadly couldn't make it included: Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill Clinton, any member of the Kennedy family, Ce Lo Green, Anthony Weiner.........