Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mexican Flag Flying in America

Tressy Capps got in trouble when she confronted a Mexican family flying a Mexican flag in California.

However, she confronted the wrong people. The people she should have confronted were those who radically changed our immigration laws.

The Mexican family moved to the USA because they wanted the high standard of living that is associated with White countries. They flew the Mexican flag because they racially related to Mexicans. Both positions are understandable and natural.

And despite Tressy Capps' protests, this was a racial issue. I doubt that she would have complained if I flew a Scottish flag at my home. The truth is she knows that European immigrants are better for the United States than immigrants from Mexico. Tressy wants to live around English speaking people who share the same basic values.

But Tressy's appeal to the American flag was a mistake. For America was founded on a radical form of egalitarianism. It is just the logical progression of that philosophy that has led to the change of our immigration laws.

America was an experiment that failed.


  1. Ms. Capps has guts!!! She did not destroy property or theaten violence over the display of a foreign national flag in the USA. She was exercising her Constitutionally protected right to protest something she thought was inappropriate. If no violence, protest whatever you want to. Thomas Jefferson would have been proud of her. PS: Boycott that sorry excuse for a real estate agency that fired her. Also, those idiots in Ferguson, Mo. just don't get it!

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  3. It's not true that America was destined to become 'diverse' because the DNA of America's founding was essentially French-Revolution-lite.

    If nations are fated to eventually and radically conform to the principles of their ideological founding, then China shouldn't be turning capitalist. After all, the People's Republic of China was founded by Mao to be communist and universalist. But China has been turning more capitalist and nationalist. How could that be?

    Also, Mexican constitution is almost identical to the American constitution, and the Mexican republic was founded on almost identical principles, and yet, Mexicans have very stringent laws about immigration, and they are still very nationalistic like Zionists.

    Modern Turkey was founded as a secular republic that banned many religious expressions and practices, but Turkey has been turning more Islamic lately.

    Now, consider European nations with deep roots and traditions. They were not founded as 'revolutionary' countries devoted to 'diversity'. And German citizenship until relatively recently was defined by blood.
    But European nations are now committed to the same madness that US is. Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece, UK, Ireland, and Spain are filling up with massive immigration.

    As for Canada and Australia, they were not founded by revolutionaries with radical ideas. They remained loyal to motherland UK for a long time and gainded independence cordially. Yet they too are committed to massive immigration and diversity.

    So, what's going on?

    The liberal ideology won over the conservative one, and the decisive controllers of western liberalism are Jews who've made a cult of 'white guilt' that can only be atoned by white racial suicide. THAT is the decisive factor.