Wednesday, September 17, 2014


On a political level I support Scottish independence as I am a nationalist. On a personal level, I support Scotland as that is my heritage.

My only hope is that the Scottish people can resist the European Union's attempted genocide of the Scottish people through mass immigration.

DUNDEE, Scotland — At the main office of the campaign for independence here, Jimmy Black, a local councilor for the Scottish National Party, described how supporters had distributed about 150,000 leaflets in the last three months, created websites and a half-dozen Facebook accounts, and handed out thousands of Scottish flags, or Saltires.

Below is a video that describes what is happening in "diverse" England. Parts of London are now no-go areas for the English. Unbelievable.

I always liked this anthem.

O flower of Scotland
When will we see your like again
That fought and died for
Your wee bit hill and glen
And stood against him
Proud Edward's army
And sent him homeward
Tae think again

The hills are bare now
And autumn leaves lie thick and still
O'er land that is lost now
Which those so dearly held
And stood against him
Proud Edward's army
And sent him homeward
Tae think again

Those days are passed now
And in the past they must remain
But we can still rise now
And be the nation again
That stood against him
Proud Edward's army
And sent him homeward
Tae think again

Sons of Scotland!


  1. Breath 1: "I'm a European Zionist". I believe Europeans have the right to their own homelands".
    Breath 2: "I an not a White Nationalist. Evil Nazis, David Duke (booga! booga!) Joooz, bla, bla, Storm front".

    You're kinda schizophrenic in your thinking. In some videos you say you don't believe in homogenous societies, others, you champion ethnic homelands. A couple videos you say you don't hate women, but most are how stupid women are. Some videos you do a tongue-in-cheek schtick about Jewish Supremacists, others, you bludgeon those who say the same things straight-up.

    Together we stand, divided we fall.
    Are you really for something (??) or are you just another narcissistic shmuck looking for attention?

    1. FYI

      "Scottish Independence"?
      They will still be using the English Pound, still be "ruled" by the Queen, and will immediately join the EU.
      And, the Scottish Nationalist Party is all for mass immigration!

  2. You're missing the point about Duke's criticism of Israeli laws. Duke isn't really interested in the internal politics of Israel. What he is really exposing is the hypocrisy of American Jews.
    Let's face it. Israel would not be what it is without the unequivocal support of US(and EU). So, the real issue is the power of Jewish oligarchs in places like NY, London, and Paris. Those Jews use their power over politicians, media, academia, courts, and banks to push open borders and white genocide in the West, BUT they fully support the 'racist'-nationalist policies of Israel.

    THAT is Duke's point, one that needs to be made.

    And not all admirers of Duke are part of the Stormfront community, one I don't care about and never been a part of.

  3. What does Duke think of Muslims in Europe? He has said repeatedly that he doesn't want the West to fill up with Muslims. Check the video below.

    Duke's key point is that Muslims are not the ones who changed Western immigration policy. It was the Jewish elites who played the decisive role. In the US, open borders freaks like Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg, and etc are not Muslims.
    Jewish elites changed changed immigration laws so that swelling non-white populations will undermine white power.
    Diversity weakens whites and strengthens Jews who can play divide and rule among the diverse goyim.
    Tim Wise and Frank Rich both gloated that 'you'--white conservatives--cannot take their country back because of growing diversity and the demographic demise of the GOP.

    The people at Newsweek who gloated GOP YOU'RE OLD, YOU'RE WHITE, YOU'RE HISTORY are not Muslims. They are Jews.

    Both Wise and Frank are Jews. And it's their Jewish brethren who changed immigration laws in the West. Jews also spread propaganda that urges white women to see white men as 'rapists' and to have babies with black men. Why do you find refuge in Japan porn? Because you are likely intimidated by Jew-run American porn where black guys conquer blondes. Jews promote that and castrate white guys with 'white guilt'.

    You say white nations should emulate Israel. But why can't they? Because Jews who control the West will not let US and European nations to act like Israel. Israel is the exceptional nation that is allowed to get away with everything.

    As Jews have the power to make or break reputations and careers in the US and EU(often through blackmail as they control the NSA), they have all the goy elites in their pockets.

    Now, you're a very smart guy, so you probably know what Duke is really getting at. You could just be playing dumb on purpose while in effect making the same argument Duke is making. After all, you know that US cannot act like Israel because Jews who run the US will destroy any academic, politician, or celebrity who proposes such a thing.

    Surely, you heard of Jason Richwine and how Jews pressured a conservative organization to have him fired.

  4. The point is almost certainly mute - the Scots will not vote 'yes' - they are too economically dependent on England.
    The English people themselves, in general, would welcome separation, but unlike the Scots they will never be given the chance to vote - our governing elites would never allow it.
    The only hope for both countries is in a 'yes' vote - but unfortunately, the spirit of 'Braveheart' is mainly a Hollywood construct. FREEDOM!!...yeah, right.

  5. Love everyone's comments here. Seriously, Ramz! Are you schizophrenic, that ignorant or the trolling went too far?? Make up your mind! It's not even funny.

    "I'm a Zionist and I support the self-determination to all people, like Israel does." - how about them Palestinians RamZ??? How can you support the jewish nationalism at the expense of the Palestinians and their land? Do they get self-determination from you? Has anyone asked them?

    I like Duke's message of international nationalism and I have nothing to do with stormfront either.

    On the previous video. "Quit bitching, it's all your fault!" - really? Are you that 'Murica-centric and ignorant? Are you ready to say that to the same Palestinians ("it's all their own fault!") or say, millions of the destitute Bangladeshi who will never have the chance break out of the utter poverty and slave labor?

  6. David Duke hasn't said anything pro-White in over 2 years. He gets clicks and maybe more by focusing on what people in the Middle East want to hear. He isn't saying anything about Muslims taking over Paris and London and he isn't going to. How dumb can so many "White Nationalists" be?

  7. Scottish independence is like trading one bad thing for another. The SNP wants to immediately give up their sovereignty to the E.U., and wants more more more immigration to destroy their country:

  8. The Scottish Nationalists stand for mass immigration and cultural marxism. Their appeal is basically based on Anti-English whinging.

    Check out the SNP Minister and Scottish patriot, Humza Yousaf to hear about modern Scottish nationalism.

  9. Americans will not understand this. Their whole understanding of British history comes via Mel Gibson, Hollywood, and some fuzzy and often romantisised Scottish ancestral connection - I have to include Ramz on this.
    As an Englishman, I fully support Scottish independence - independence for Scotland would be good for both countries.
    However, this should cut both ways - the English should also be an independant country and be able retain their cultural identity every bit as much as the Scots - without having to bear the usual smear of being "little Englanders" - a charge often leveled, hypocritically, by the Scots.

  10. "David Duke hasn't said anything pro-White in over 2 years."

    Action is what counts. He has relentlessly attacked and exposed the #1 enemy of the white race: Jewish-globalist elites. When one commits one's life to fighting the enemy of whites, he is helping the white race.

    And his point is Jews are doing to whites what they did to Palestinians. So, in the figurative sense, we are all 'Palestinians'.