Saturday, September 13, 2014

Should Roger Goodell spank Adrian Peterson?

Adrian Peterson, a NFL running back, was arrested for child abuse. It seems Adrian hit his son with a switch as a form of punishment.

When I was a kid spankings were common. I was spanked at school and at home. If a mark was not left, it was considered not to be an effective spanking.

But I never thought spankings worked. At least it did not work for me. I am still getting in trouble for mocking the wrong people. So the beatings did not help.

Roger Goodell is the NFL commissioner.  Poor Roger has done everything in an attempt to appease Social Justice Warrior crowd. Hell, he forces all the football players to wear pink in October in an attempt to appease the feminists.

However, that appeasement was not enough when he handed down only a two game suspension when Ray Rice hit his then fiance. The police did not arrest Ray Rice. And Ray's fiance did not want the matter pursued. Despite this, the feminists were crying for blood. So Roger begged for forgiveness and increased the suspension to an indefinite period.

The problem is now what should be done with Adrian Peterson? Shouldn't he also be banned from football? That seems to be the precedent for domestic violence. But the problem is that both Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are black. Such a "zero tolerance" policy for domestic violence could purge the league of many black players. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the charges of "racism" soon to be flying.

So poor Roger is now caught between feminists and "anti-racists". Who trumps whom?

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