Monday, September 15, 2014

Swedish politician slammed for posting Duke video

An Arab politician in Sweden got in hot water for posting a David Duke video.

Dayana Jadarian — who is running for Swedish parliament and calls herself ‘smart, sharp and gorgeous’ on Twitter — said she was unaware David Duke was a former Ku Klux Klan leader, though the claimed on the post she agreed with his controversial views.

As a side note - "smart, sharp and gorgeous" girls have no need to describe themselves as such.

What is interesting is how a non-White immigrant to an European country would feel comfortable posting a David Duke video. But to be fair, Miss Jadarian had no idea that Duke was pro-White. From watching his videos she assumed that he was just an anti-Zionist and pro Muslim. Yeah, that is a problem.

I believe to be successful, a movement needs to have a positive focus. A positive focus would include a strategy of how to obtain self-determination or a homeland. Bitching over and over that a (fill in the blank) group sucks is not really a plan. I hate the victim's mentality. It comes across as weak and pathetic.


  1. But surely there is a difference between failing in life & just blaming others(whites, Jews, etc) AND identifying the problem that's holding your people back & formulating a strategy to overcome the obstacle.

    Duke never said we should surrender and bitch 24/7. He said we must first identify who the real enemies are before we formulate a strategy for counter-attack.

    And there are countless people who have been destroyed or held back by Jewish power. Does Rick Sanchez ring a bell? Helen Thomas? If not for Jewish control of the media, you could be a famous satirist/comedian. But no media outlet will touch you... whereas a no-talent like Ellen Degeneris gets a multi-million dollar contract.

    If some white 'trash' who ruined his life on drugs and alcohol blames the Jews, I see your point.
    But what about all the 'Arabists' who were purged by Jewish neocons?

    What about the Mozilla guy who was ousted and destroyed by the homo lobby? Which group has been the main support system behind the homo agenda? Jews.

    Duke isn't saying we should just sit on our ass and blame Jews for everything. He's saying Jews are the most powerful enemy of the white race and we must understand this problem before we can take decisive and effective action.

    Duke is a handsome man with lots of charm. He could have gone far in politics if he's taken the 30 pieces of silver from the Jews. Instead, he devoted his entire life towards fighting for his race and culture. He paid a huge price, and for that he deserves respect as a man of great courage.

    Btw, here's some evidence that Jews do indeed take an active role in keeping the white race down.

    Most Jews are like Tim Wise. They are hostile toward whites and wield immense power. That's what Duke is trying to tell people. We should listen. We must take action, but how can we fight if we don't know who our main enemy is?

    Btw, Jews got so powerful because they identified their enemies--wasps and Palestinians--and concentrated all their aggression against those targets.

    We need to do likewise. We need to realize that the main enemy is Jews. If we don't have a target, how do we act?

  2. When someone has been persecuted their entire life and imprisoned repeatedly for daring criticize the ruling elite and stand up for his people has earned Bitching Rights.

    Criticizing Duke for obsessing over Jewish supremacy and their destruction of our world is like criticizing a person, who was sexually abused as a child, for championing the single issue of fighting child sexual abuse.

    As annoying and negative as Dukes information can be, he is a priceless voice in the awaking of our people.

    It could be said that RamZPaul is a smug prick who obsesses over the ignorant dregs of society to make himself feel superior to other people. But, that would be a gross misinterpretation.
    Wouldn't it?

  3. Not your best, Ramz. On an individual level you're right. But we're in a war.

  4. I think this "gorgeous" woman is a bit past her peak and heading toward Cameltown.

  5. How do we know you are successful? Maybe David Duke and Dayana are more successful than you.