Monday, September 22, 2014

With Clowns We Go Down

Craig Cobb's follies have been out of the news. So the mainstream media was in need for another "white supremacist" to put on the usual song and dance routine for the amusement of their audience.

Robert Ransdell has fulfilled that need with his senate campaign in the state of Kentucky. Robert came up with the campaign slogan "With Jews You Lose" (clever). He also refers to Blacks as "savages"  much to the delight of the mainstream media. For these actions help to reinforce the "Hollywood Nazi" cliche that they like to associate with all Nationalists.

Let's take a trip down White Nationalist memory lane.

Hal Turner was a famous "white supremacist".  One of his quotes:

"Jews love to complain about the 'Holocaust.' Let me tell you, there was no Holocaust in World War 2 -- but rest assured, there most certainly IS GOING TO BE a holocaust. I look forward to participating with zeal." 

Hard core! 14/88! We support you Hal! Anyone that criticizes you Hal must be a JEW agent!

oops... turns out Hal was a paid government informant. Who could have guessed?

No, I am not saying Robert Ransdell is an informant (but it would not surprise me if he was). But the history of the WN movement is littered with informants, charlatans, and mentally unbalanced people. And the media loves to use these people to smear any attempt to start a serious Nationalist movement.

Yes, a "With Jews You Lose" might make the Stormfront crowd chuckle. But normal White people find such a sign to be vulgar. It keeps American Nationalism as some sort of weird cult movement.

And that is a shame. Because normal Americans realize something is wrong and they would like a sane alternative. The message of Nationalism (which is self-determination) is naturally popular. People naturally want to live with their own people. That is why Nationalism is sweeping the world. But people don't want to be associated with something that is tied to kooks. And the Left understands that. Hence why they are more than happy to give the kooks publicity

A must read article about informers. This was written by a former DEA agent explaining how the process works.


  1. I don't know about this guy, and he may be a kook, clown, an agent, or whatever for all I know or care.

    But I don't necessarily agree with you that whites can have 'white nationalism' without 'hatred'.

    Politics is about identifying, hating, and fighting your enemies.

    White nationalists should try to hate as least as possible. They should respect other races and nations as much as possible--on mutual condition that they respect white peoples/nations.
    I mean there is no need for white Americans or Europeans to hate Nepalese, Syrians, Iranians, Kazakhis, Uruguayians, Burmese, etc. They pose no threat to Americans and Europeans.

    So, live and let live.

    But every people should hate those who intend harm and do them harm. It seems Jews do own the media and use it to defame and denounce white people. It seems Jews do use pop culture to promote race mixing to the point that whites will be mongelized into mulattos and mestizos. It seems Jews do employ PC to purge white nationalist voices in colleges.
    It seems Jews are the main backers behind the homo agenda that forces white bakers to produce 'gay wedding cakes'. It seems Jews do use the media suppress news of black-on-white violence.

    As for blacks, their superior strength & speed and greater aggression are enabling them to bully, beat up, humiliate, and wussify whites.

    And illegals from south of the border feel contempt for American laws and attack as 'racist' white Americans who call for border patrol.

    These people hate, hate, and hate whites. They wage a hateful war against whites, but you say white nationalists should have their nationalism without hate.
    That's like saying US should have entered WWII without hating and fighting the Japanese that attacked Pearl Harbor.

    You call for white nationalism on peaceful grounds, but suppose a bunch of whites got together and called for secession. Will it be allowed? No. It will be denounced, attacked, and destroyed by the federal government controlled by Jewish elites.

    While one can be a nationalist without hating people who are different, all true nationalists should hate those who hate them and work to do them harm.

  2. Sort of funny. Ransdell's use of the word savage may be traceable to Bob Grant on WABC back in the 1980s. Grant was extremely abrasive and saying a lot of surprisingly un-PC things on the radio back then, and managing to keep his job (for a few years) -- probably because he scrupulously avoided criticizing Jews.

    Hal Turner copied that from Grant and I suppose that Ransdell got it from Turner.

  3. Apart from the lingering influence of conservative talk-radio ...

    I think a big part of the problem with WN discourse is that most WNs don't really have an ideology. They have reaction to Black and Brown crime and they can point out Jewish control of mass-media as at least a partial explanation of why things are going so wrong.

    That's okay so far as it goes, but beyond this, what do they have to discuss? They don't seem to have a way forward apart from reacting to bad things.

    This is really a problem of conservatism. Most WNs are simply conservatives who have brought their racial views out into the open.

    If they were national-socialists, then they would have something to discuss. National-Socialism is a whole different way of thinking than what people are used to hearing.

    I am not talking about wearing uniforms or trying to shock people. I am talking about an ideology that actually reverses racial decline.

  4. Well said. By all means let's avoid the costume clowns and neo-nazi nutjobs. But we should also steer clear of the simpering beta males and cowering conservatives, Churchians, and tradcons. The conservatives are just as harmful to our side as the clowns .

  5. "With Jews You Lose"

    "With Clowns We Get Frowns"

  6. Now that I finally watched Ransdell's whole video from the beginning it's not all that bad.

    If there really is a big problem with Black-on-White violence where he lives then organizing a neighborhood watch is an admirable thing.

    RamZ -- How is it that Robert Ransdell with his community watch thing is a clown but Tubby Tubbington with his fantasy of violent secession is your pal? That doesn't add up.

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  8. I'm pro White not because I'm anti this or anti that but because I believe in the fourteen words; I have a morality that includes Our existence and why the White race must survive. Our worst enemy is not zionism or the rampant Anti White Terrorism committed by non Whites, our worst enemy are the White Anti White elites who push this forced DIVERSITY; A enemy that looks like me but has no loyalty to me or mine. Ramz Paul as usual nails the truth that we as a race can't only be defined for what we are against but make a case of why we are pro White.

  9. Nothing will ever be achieved from allowing the main stream media to set the agenda, or from pussy footing around in an attempt to not appear racist. Ramzpaul you are a separatist (a position which I agree with), however you try to somehow separate separatism from hatred, which is like trying to separate Love from Hate, the one naturally produces the other. A love for ones people will naturally result in a hatred for those individuals or groups who pose as a threat to it. Successful separatist movement aren't generally made up of merrily economic or a political arguments, but rather of genuine grievances AGAINST the dominant group that controls the country from which they desire to sussed from. The notion that you could have a separatist moment without a tone of hatred or anger towards those groups you desire to separate from, is absurd.

  10. Thanks for calling this clown out. Everyone is sick and tired of the clown show that has been "White Nationalism" for 50 years. A sad parade of dysfunctional losers, many of them paid off to play a role. There will be White spokesmen coming soon, but they will be NORMAL human beings. Not head cases.

  11. Tom Peterson, while Ransdell's delivery could stand improvement, the problem with RamZ's criticism of Ransdell is that he recently did an in-person buddy-buddy interview with this guy, Tubby Tubbington:

    Unlike Tubby Tubbington, Ransdell was never the actual leader of a Hollywood Nazi group!

    And RamZ said that Ransdell looked Jewish. I don't see it. BUT COMPARED TO TUBBY? No way! (Tubby's maternal grandfather was a sweatshop owner named A.B. Glass.)

    My point is, there is a blatant lack of perspective and proportion in this criticism of Ransdell.

  12. Ram vs Anglin.

  13. For anyone NOT seriously pointing a finger at the Jew means he’s either 1) a Jew, 2) owned by the Jews outright, or indirectly by Jew-created PC (fearing of losing your job and career because of PC protecting the creeps) and/or 3) a complete and utter moron — not surprising when we have a media and education system obviously working to dumb us down and PC-us up.