Monday, October 27, 2014

Did childlessness cause #gamergate?

The #gamergate scandal has been going on for the past month. It was sparked when a feminist named Zoe Quinn (real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg) was accused by her ex-boyfriend of cheating with five different guys. What was interesting is that many of her alleged sex partners were "journalists" who gave favorable reviews of an abortion of a "game" that she created called "Depression Quest". "Depression Quest" is not a game in the traditional sense. It is more an interactive text based story. Zoe used a tool called Twine to create this "game".

Many gamers saw this sex scandal as proof as to the corruption of the gaming industry. Feminists in return accused the gamers of being sexist, bullies, etc.

But this incident was just the cover of a deeper issue. In the past few years Social Justice Warriors (i.e., Cultural Marxists) have been attacking the traditionally male dominated video games. Zoe Quinn was part of this attack. These feminists want games to be less violent and focus more on transgender and sexually equality issues. Instead of boys playing Call of Duty, they want boys to play games that lecture them on the evils of White Privilege and the Patriarchy. Yeah, sounds fun.

Of course, women leading moral crusades is nothing new. Back in the day, the fight was not against video games but whiskey. And the leaders of this attack were spinsters - childless women who were angry that men were doing something that they deemed socially unacceptable.

Social Justice Warrior 1914

Social Justice Warrior 2014

Is there a link between childless women and the desire to meddle into the hobbies and vices of men? In most cases I am sure being childless is not an issue. But science has indicated that infertility in women can lead to psychiatric disorders.


  1. Women are always invading healthy male dominated spaces until they fuck them. Especially when feminazis appear. Obviously, they can't stand an only male club, so they try to infiltrate them and end messing the whole thing. They can't stand a bunch of happy males doing their thing and not looking at them; they want male attention so hard that they end destroying with their bullshit what once was pure and innocent.

    And that is the reason why freemasons have secret societies and do not allow women in them.

  2. RamZPaul, you sir are a national, nay, an international treasure!

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