Monday, October 20, 2014

Does Robert Sussman have N.D?

Professor Robert Sussman penned a hateful and rambling screed accusing American Renaissance or promoting "Nazism".

(Trigger warning: Extreme anti-White hate)

The inaccuracies of his twisted manifesto can be detailed here:

Fred Reed also chimes in:

Please do not attempt to contact Robert Sussman as I believe he may be a victim of a mental illness known as N.D. (Nazi Dysfunction).  People who are afflicted by N.D. believe that "Nazis" are everywhere plotting against them. While this may seem silly to normal people, people afflicted with N.D. can act out in erratic and potentially violent ways.

Sadly, this mental illness does seem to have a genetic component:

Mr. Sussman - please do NOT BE ASHAMED of having N.D. You are NOT alone. Please contact a mental health provider and get the treatment you need.

Our prayers are with you.

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  1. Alex Jones also suffers (or enjoys?) from this N.D.