Monday, October 6, 2014

Tyranny of Words

Having a great time in Hungary. However, my internet access is unreliable so my video updates will be sporadic. This video was taken a few days ago.

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  1. You mocked the 'with Jews we lose' guy and argued that we can have a happy smiley white nationalism just by minding our own business.

    Well, it seems Jews don't just mind their own business but mind the business of whites who want white identity to be their primary motivator.

    No identity is worth its salt unless it identifies its enemy as well.

    World Jewry puled the strings so that Hungarian elites would cave into their demands. And there isn't a single establishment conservative organization in America that came to your defense. They are filled with guys like Ted Cruz who tell Christian Arabs to love Israel even though Zionist policies have brought ruin to them.

    Joking is all fun and nice, but history cannot be made with jokes alone. We need to identify, know, and hate our enemy.