Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black boy with toy gun fatally shot

A black boy in Cleveland was killed by the police when he pointed a toy gun at them. I think more people would have more sympathy for this boy versus the "gentle giant" who was a thug who robbed stores and attacked police. However, the media already shot their wad with Michael Brown. The planned riot backfired as it showed Africa-Americans with their butts hanging out looting liquor stores. The hash tag #Chimpout was trending high on Twitter.

Obviously, the media does not want to show African-Americans acting like... Africans. This is why whenever a flash mob of blacks attacks Whites, they never mention the race. They instead use the words "youths" and "teens", But with the riots it is impossible to hide the race. And I get the feeling that people of all races are getting sick of thugs acting like chimps in the zoo.

As such, I expect the media to quickly shut down coverage of the riot. Cold weather without TV cameras will end any riot.


  1. You're correct of course about the media reversing the portrayal of black and White behaviour. But creating sympathy for blacks was just one element. The real objective was to show Whites, and especially White males, and especially especially White males of a Christian heritage, in a negative light. This is part of a similar long-term project and it applies to every country. Sorry, every White country.

    No prizes for guessing the tribe mater-minding it.

  2. No word to say something. Only here is the consoling word. Play with toy is a important part of a children. They can give much enjoyment to a children.

  3. sometimes toy gun is the reason of danger. we use the toy gun for having fun. but it's not great job. unfortunately you can fall in danger by using toy gun.