Saturday, November 15, 2014

Drunk Girl In Public - a Feminist Hoax

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) had a rough couple of weeks. The video that was made in New York City to demonstrate how wicked men are has backfired. After 10 hours of walking the streets, the big chested feminist was only able to get a few harmless comments. And what made matters worse was that most of the "harassment" came from diversity.

As such, another video was made in Hollywood of an actress pretending to be a drunk girl. In this video two White guys and two black guys attempted to take advantage of the poor girl.  Finally the feminists now had video PROOF of how evil men of all races are concerning poor helpless (but always empowered) women.

Well, it turns out the video was a hoax. The men were told they were part of a student video project and they were given lines to speak. These guys had no idea that this video would be released showing them as real sexual predators. They were just nice guys willing to help out a film crew.

Now over 10 million people have watched this video and assume that these guys are creeps and potential rapists.

The piece of shit that conned these innocent men is named Stephen Zhang. Hopefully, these men will get legal representation and sue the shit out of Stephen Zhang.

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  1. Look at the lady take out her cell phone at 1:10- to record what's happening?