Monday, November 10, 2014

Man smacks the soul out of girl - A Response

Below is a viral video making the rounds. I think people like to see the obnoxious girl getting pimp slapped. I am sure she was surprised a White guy would respond to her attack in such a fashion.

The guy looked to be of Slavic origin. They don't exactly respond like American hipsters. She chose the wrong guy to hit.

Reminds me when "Pussy Riot" brought their shit to Russia. Some young Russian boys acted in a rather thuggish fashion.

Reminded me of this movie:


  1. The big guy looks half-black to me.

    1. Jorge Pena - He's a Latino, so there probably is some Negro in there. He's definitely not Slavic.

  2. I wonder if the big Russian guy is related to Officer Darren Wilson? Anyway, if only more white men would react in this way life would be a lot safer for us out there. Also, it was interesting to see all the male negros doing their best to calm the situation and stop the violence like they abhorred violence and preferred peace and tranquility, okay, stop laughing!. .