Wednesday, November 12, 2014

No Love Julien Blanc Long Time

Time Magazine (Time is still in print??? The average reader age has to be like 75) declared that the the most hated man in the world was some 23 year old guy named Julian Blanc. So who is Julian Blanc? Is he a serial killer? A rapist? No. He is a Pick Up Artist (PUA) who acted obnoxious in a video toward Japanese girls. They giggled and did not really seem to mind the attention. However, some chubby Chinese Social Justice Warrior (SJW) named Jennifer Li objected in a Youtube video.

The whole thing went viral because the SJWs FINALLY found a White guy for their street harassment meme. Their previous street harassment video backfired as all the harassers were vibrant diversity. So now that they found their White guy villain they are in an orgy of two minutes of Hate.

 Below is the video that started the hate frenzy.

In the comments Roosh lists evidence of her anti-White Tweets.

Jennifer Li's Anti-White Tweets:

Here is the video of Julian Blanc being the "Alpha Male".

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  1. "Big tit Finnish girl"


    "Jennifer Li, she has some issues. She's Chinese..."