Monday, November 17, 2014

#ShirtStorm - Space Scientist's Shirt Scandalizes Softer Sex

Matt Taylor, a European scientist, successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet An amazing technical accomplishment for mankind. Matt conducts interviews. Feminists complain about his shirt.

Yeah. Sometimes I think feminists troll themselves.

Matt wore a shirt that was gift from a female friend. She made the shirt. He was happy to wear it. Now angry feminist are claiming that this shirt will prevent millions of young women from studying science. You see, women are very delicate creatures.

This shirt will scare girls from doing their math homework

Matt later did a video where he cried and begged for forgiveness.

He probably should have told the feminists to suck his dick. And then announced that he was selling the shirts as a symbol of academic freedom. He would make millions.


  1. Too late. He already apologized and now he deserves whatever happens next. We should all turn our backs and let these fem-bots destroy him.

    1. He just has not taken the Red Pill. Once you have taken the Red Pill you can see that this is just a giant shit test (that he failed). If he told them to fuck off, the feminists would shriek in horror and get wet. He would become a celebrity scientist admired by men (and women) all over the world.

      He would literally have groupies of girls after him

    2. Here's what he should have said (I'm paraphrasing from a meme I saw earler):

      "I just landed a fucking space ship on a meteor 300 million miles away travelling at thousands of miles per hour, and a bunch of people who can't even parallel park are all butthurt about my shirt! Eat a bowl of dick!"

  2. In instances like this the best option is to tell the SJWs to fuck off, in so many words.

    His reaction was embarrassing, but all it does is demonstrate the need for more Red Pill thinking.

  3. This is ground control to major Tom,
    you've really laid an egg:
    Feminazis want to know whose shirts you wear--
    It's time to tell them "fuck off," if you dare.

    This is Major Tom to ground control-
    I'm starting now to cry,
    tell those c***s I'm a very sens'tive guy.

    Ground control to major tom, your manhood's dead, you've gone way wrong, can you hear me Major Tom...

    Here am I grovelling like a pussy,
    In this liberal world,
    Planet Earth is through, and there's nothing we can do...

    Apologies to David Bowie, who I hope would have told that feminazi to suck his dick.

  4. As you are among the top 3 most dangerous people in America I thought I should share this with you. It will change your thinking and the SPLC can finally breath a little easier.

    3 Minutes That Will Change How You Think (Racism Experiment)

    1. That video didn't change my view on "racism" and I doubt it would have changed RAMZ's. While viewing this video, I said to myself "OMG, a person is more comfortable with someone of her own race than someone of another race. The horror!!! I'm outraged!!!"

      Instead of this video demonstrating the horrors of racism, it demonstrates how meaningless the term "racism" is these days. If you asked a black person 100 years ago to provide some examples of racism, they probably would have cited instances of brutal oppression. That doesn't happen today. In fact, it is far more likely that a black person will commit a violent crime against than a white person against a black. It should also be noted that it is infinitely more likely that a white woman will be sexually assaulted by a black man than it is for a black woman to be sexually assaulted by a white man. That video demonstrates what racism is today. It is a crime of thought and disposition. Because a white woman had a slightly negative disposition towards a black man, all white people should be ashamed of themselves. It is natural for any human being to feel more comfortable with their own kind than to outsiders (this applied to both race and ethnicity.) Because SJWs are so desperate to engage in social causes in order to bring meaning into their lives, they see themselves as a solution that's in search of a problem. This requires for the definition of "racism" to be expanded to thought crimes and abstractions such as White Privilege. And Cultural Marxist act like all Marxist in that they are busy bodies who seek to control all aspects of human lives, including our personal thoughts. In fact, they act like Marxist in that they constantly seek to re-educate those who commit thought crimes (e.g racial sensitivity classes).

      Try harder next time

  5. He may well have the intelligence to be able to put a probe onto a rock shooting through space many millions of miles from Earth - but if he cries like a little girl when a group of bitter lesbians shout boo! - then Darwin decrees that those clever genes are less likely to be passed onto the next generation than those of a Detroit negro.