Monday, November 3, 2014

Stand By Your Man

It looks like Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. She is already busy on the campaign trail. Earlier this year, Rand Paul floated the idea of attacking Hillary based on Bill's indiscretions. The idea is to suggest that Hillary is a hypocrite for standing by Bill during the scandal. I supposed a strong empowered woman would have dumped him. But she stood by him despite her feminist ideology. Per the article below, she also mostly blamed Monica describing her as a "loon".

Personally, I see her actions as a virtue, not a shortcoming. Whatever their issues, she obviously loves Bill. People like to see love placed over ideology.

Reminds me of this old country song:

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  1. Yes, she should have thrown the bum out but she chose to forgive him and kept him in her life for whatever reason. Actually, Bill must lead a charmed life because the American electorate put him in office TWICE!! even after he was revealed to be a slimeball. Go figure.