Wednesday, December 17, 2014

25 Reasons Why Girls Should Not Play Video Games

Oh Anita! Silly girl!


  1. Of course Sarkeesian's video is diverse even though it's targeted at straight white males.

    And I thought online gaming was anonymous. What do these "delicate flowers" do? Prance in there with their tits out, expecting to be treated like ladies?

    Thank you for the awesome videos, Ramzpaul, and happy Christmas.

  2. Chicago mayor Rom Emanuel's teen son choked an robbed by two youths;

  3. I thought the video was satire about male versus female gamers. I also thought a few of the comments were funny and actually laughed at them. And now I learn they were being SERIOUS???!!!!

  4. I thought this was Ramzpaul's vid then I saw some faggot telling me I should remove my balls and tuck my weiner under like he did. 10 seconds and I tapped out full rage mode.