Monday, December 29, 2014

#blackliesmatter - Beyond Good and Evil

Protesters are planning to disrupt New Years Eve celebrations as part of the #blacklivesmatter campaign. Of course, these same people never give a damn about White lives.  But they count on using our European sense of altruism against our own interests.

Have you ever heard Jesse Jackson or any black leader give a damn about White crime victims? Where was Jessie after that White girl was burned alive? He did not give a damn. Because he only cares about his tribe.

But while not quite understanding altruism, many of these people realize that people of European ancestry are vulnerable to guilt. So they use our sense of altruism as a weapon against our own interests.

Zionists have long used guilt as a method to justify their position that a Jewish homeland is good, but a White homeland would be evil.  This is why it is illegal to question the Holocaust in many countries. Without the Holocaust story people would wonder why we have this double standard of Nationalism.

Other groups have picked up on this tactic. And this is why we see a proliferation of various hoaxes. The entire motive of a hoax is an attempt to instill guilt into White people.  It pays to be a "victim" under our current warped sense of morality.

But this guilt weapon is only effective if we give it sanction. If we refuse to accept undeserved guilt, such hoax tactics are powerless. It is basically a mind trick that is being used against us. Once we break free of that trick, their demonstrations and lamentations are seen as pathetic and laughable.

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  1. The key is for Whites to develop an immunity to appeals to "white guilt" and accusations of "racism".