Monday, December 1, 2014

How not to get shot in the head by the police

President Obama hosted a summit concerning Furgeson. Invited to this summit was "civil rights" leader, Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton makes a living agitating for the murder of White people. As such, that makes him an expert of "civil rights".

Too bad the president did not invite me. I could give a few tips on how not to get shot in the head by the police.


  1. RAMZ,

    Maybe you should make a video for how not to get shot while being pulled over for the non-crime of not wearing a seatbelt:

    South Carolina man shot by police after alleged seatbelt violation

    I'm no fan of the "Gentle Giant" but it is hard to deny that there isn't a lot of trigger happy policing going on. Whites as well as blacks:

    Police tase, shoot and kill 90-pound schizophrenic teen

    The best way to not get shot by cops is to avoid them at all cost.

  2. This is like Chris Rock's vulgar video from his TV show a few years back...