Monday, December 8, 2014

Julia's Empowered Writing Seminar

I am starting a seminar with Julia for journalism students. The working title is Julia's Embowered Writing Seminar.

The basic points we will cover include:

1. Always be sensational

2. Don't let the facts interfere with the narrative

3. Attack the character of anyone that challenges the facts.

Pricing is still to be determined. Maybe $6,000?

(Damn. I have been trolling the establishment since I was in the Third Grade. What the fuck is wrong with me?)


  1. There is an old axiom that hucksters know too well and that is all frauds eventually become unraveled and exposed as the crimes they are regardless of how well they are constructed. That is why the best fraudsters get away as far as possible and as quickly as possible after getting their ill gotten loot. This hard and fast rule applies to ALL frauds.