Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lenny Henry Helps BBC Achieve 100% Diversity!

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are orgasmic concerning the picture:

Yes, BBC radio has 100% diversity! As everyone now knows, diversity = no Whites.

Of course. one can only wonder at the motivation of White SJWs.  You can be politically correct all you want, but in the end they want you dead. As such, I believe that any true White Cultural Marxist should commit suicide, After all, this would help promote diversity!


  1. Ever see the britcom "Chef" starring Lenny Henry? When I first saw it (as a young kid watching PBS), I said to myself "there are black people in England?". These days, there's probably a kid watching Doctor Who or Downton Abbey thinking to himself "there are white people in England?"

    Happy New Year RamzPaul. May 2015 be a prosperous year. Or at least absurd enough to make videos about.

    -Monroe Ficus (

  2. but in the end they want you dead

    This is pretty much it, and I believe I've even used this line myself.

    No fancy theories are required to understand the war we're in. No academic essays or obscure philosophies, either.

    We're in a life-or-death struggle, a fight for survival.

  3. I once heard not too long ago that Great Britain actually was "great" at one time. That could be an Urban Myth though.